Sunday, August 21, 2011

Any Day Now!

"Mommies are just big little girls."
Author Unknown

Photo by: Jan Treague
(downloaded from FB)

My granddaughter looks like she is about to pop. At 37 weeks she is counting the days until Gracie comes out and play. Can't say I blame her!

Today I'm grateful for new life, new love, new beginnings. I'm grateful for awarenesses that can bring change. I'm grateful for slow-cooked, pot roast that makes my tummy smile.

Wishing for you eyes to behold the bounty of each new day.
Merry ME

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Cinderella said...

Good Monday morning to you dear Merry. Hope that your granddaughter has a quick and easy labor, and little Gracie is a healthy happy baby when she makes her appearance three weeks from now:)