Friday, August 19, 2011

On the Road Again

Greetings from Winter Haven, FL, the old home of Cypress Gardens soon to be new home of Legoland.
Sweetie and I are on a short road trip. We're here to attend a family funeral. Not the best of occasions to jump in the car and go, but not the worst either. I say that even after having been warned of the possibility of dysfunctional family fireworks exploding on or near church grounds tomorrow. I guess every family has to have a little drama.

The thing about a road trip in Florida is that all the roads look pretty much alike. Six lane highways lined with pine trees packed full of cars coming and going in all directions. The I4 corridor through Orlando is a particularly slow stretch of highway. Once you turn off I95 you can pretty much plan on stop and go traffic and all vestiges of the word expressway to disappear. Sweetie did all the driving which is a good thing because I might have been hypnotized before we passed the St. Augustine Outlet Mall. There were, however, some interesting cloud formations.

When we got to our destination, the Best Western Hotel, we were one of 3 cars in the parking lot. Apparently it's a slow weekend in Winter Haven. Sweetie asked for, and got, an upgrade to a room with a king sized bed, and a microwave. We are sleeping in style - or would be if the bathroom fan weren't making so much noise. I've flipped every switch in the room yet there seems to be no way to turn the dang thing off (or on for that matter). Could be it's meant to be part of the ambience, or maybe it was the concierge's private little joke.

If the fan is a bit of a nuisance I must say the bed makes up for the white noise of the fan. The royal berth looks like something Snow White might have encountered when she walked into the dwarf's cabin if Grumpy got mad and left for awhile. Six little pillows placed neatly in a row looked too darn cute toeven consider laying one's head down and messing them up.

Then I walked into the bathroom to find not just folded towels, but folded towels with a bit of a flair. I don't usually think there's much photographic opportunity in motel rooms (I like to stay in family haciendas) but I was inclined to grab my camera and call upon what little picture taking skills I have to document the decor.

The only thing missing is Miss Suzi Q and something made of chocolate. I think I might be hearing the call of a Snickers bar coming from the ground floor vending machine even over the sound of the fan.

Today I'm thankful for time alone with my Sweetie, safe driving, Keywest Johnnie, aka the Dog Sitter, and unexpected pleasures.

Wishing for you time spent with those you love before it's too late,
Merry ME

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Cinderella said...

It's nice when the pillows are fluffy and full, the sheets are clean and soft and the towels are prettily folded.

Sorry to hear about the noisy bathroom fan!

Hope that the dysfunctional family tomorrow will just sputter instead of flame!
Every family tends to have something - maybe that's why I often think hermits have a good thing going:)

May chocolate have found its way to you and brought a smile to your face. Frozen snickers bars are heavely good!