Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking Back/Looking Ahead Part 4

Things That Moved me in 2011

The final hospice experiences: gentle nurses, wise doctors, "Manhattan" communion, friends' visits, holding Dad's hand, Brother George's phone call, washing Dad's body, gently and reverently dressing him, saying goodbye.

A green blanket
Pomp and circumstance of burial in a National Cemetery
A hootn'nanny songfest
Seeing the granite headstone for the first time


Johnson's many talents
Traveling with my Sweetie
Napping on a screened porch while rain fell gently through the mossy trees
Le Chat Noir Writing Circle
LCWC recital
The Hair Whisperer
Grasping the concept of the "communion of saints"
Seeing Suzi's brown eyes through the cage and knowing she was the one
Traveling to Paris, picking sunflowers and lavender without leaving home
My Family Tree
Boy Cat donating blood
Declaring my Sovereignty
Weneki blowing out all 40 candles
Bok Tower Gardens and Carillon
Amazing Gracie
Visiting Brother George's church and home, seeing him settled and happy
Kids at Oaks Indian Mission
Sister Jean finding a new "home"
Watching Johnson and Crazy Maizey together
Watching Crazy Maizey with Bob the trainer
Collecting books for the Homeless Shelter
Wreathes Across America
Patriot Guard Riders
EMDR sessions in the safe embrace of Ginny, Linda Lu and Aunt Letty
Painting, coloring, collaging
"Grace" by Michael W. Smith
"Christ the King" by Dan Fogelburg
Amy and Frankie
The smile on Weneki's face after finishing a triathlon
3 deserving women winning the Nobel Peace Prize
My Oki bear
Holding Little ME, looking her in the eye and saying, "You don't have to be afraid. I'll take care of you."
Being a part of the circle of women whose love, encouragement, understanding, cheerleading, and spiritual knowing have been a candle in my darkness
And last, but not least, my Sweetie who has not left my side for a moment. I don't think I could have come this far without him.

Today, December 31, 2011 I am grateful for all the above and more. Mostly I'm fall on my knees in gratitude to the Creator God for all my blessings, even the ones that didn't feel so much like blessings at the time.

Wishing for you some quiet moments to reflect on the year past.
Merry ME

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