Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Where Oh Where Has My Binkie Gone?

I did not visit Mary today.
I didn't realize til the day was mostly over, but I really needed the break.
Instead I played (some might call it work) with sweet, sweet Bella.

When I got there, her mom had just put her down for an afternoon snooze. Miss Bella is playing hard ball when it comes to going to sleep on a schedule.  But I've noticed that the I'm-the-boss-you-can't-tell-me-when-to-go-to-sleep time is getting shorter. She gets her pacifier and a pat or two. Then she's left alone to a) go to sleep b)play or c) fuss. She gets 15 minutes to self-soothe. If she's not asleep the adult goes back in, replaces the pacifier, gives a few pats and leaves.

Since I was on duty, I waited the allotted 15 minutes, watching the kicking, squirming, fussing on the monitor. Bella had just about worked up a full head of steam when I walked in to settle her down. Oh how I wish I had a picture of that face. Seriously folks, she gave me a smile that would melt the heart of the meanest person on earth. Gone were all traces of fussing. Her eyes said it all - "My savior!" It was all I could do to keep from laughing. I was good. I gave her the pacifier and patted her, then left. Let me just say it was not easy.

Last week I watched as Bella reached for her pacifier and tried to get it to her mouth by herself. I could almost see her brain synapses forming. Over and over again she'd pick it up, turn it this way and that, fling it across the bed, or cover it up with her blanket. Every so often it actually made it to her mouth.  Over the weekend Bella's parents decided to make things a little easier on her - okay, on them. Who wants to keep getting up in the night to replace a pacifier? They did what any sleep deprived couple would do. They went out and bought a handful of paccies, so no matter how she flipped herself around there would be one close by.  Tonight I noticed my new idea of pure bliss is a freshly bathed baby smelling of Johnson's lotion, surrounded by a gaggle of duck binkies.

I hope you noticed something today that made your heart smile,
Merry ME

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