Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Can't remember the last time I was up at 5:50 and heading for work by 6:15. Usually I'm not a morning person. Okay, I'm never a morning person. But I had a date with Miss B who proved to be much mellower today. Didn't want to stay on schedule and didn't laugh until bath time when I was ready to leave. I couldn't help but notice the smile on her dad's face when he tried the magic words - Go! Go! Go! - and B laughed out loud.

I got tears in my eyes as I closed the bedroom door. B was sitting in her dad's lap while he read her a bedtime story.


Sweetie and I went out to dinner. On the way back to my car, I passed this rusted drain pipe stuck to a building. I would have walked on by, but I caught a glimpse of green. Some plants had sprouted and were getting just the right amount of water as it dripped from the pipe. Sometimes all it takes is a little sun, a little water, and a little perseverance to bloom.

Where have you bloomed lately?
Merry ME

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