Friday, June 7, 2013


Today was a first for me and Bella. Her mom went off for a girl's weekend so I stayed with Miss B until her daddy came home.  I've got to say, everything went like clock-work, give or take a few minutes!

After B's 2 o'clock nap, I talked to her in her crib as she lay surrounded by duck pacifiers. That still cracks me up! So made up this little rhyme:
Five ducks all in a row
Ready for Bella to go! go! go!
You'd have thought I was Jay Leno, or something!
B laughed out loud.
So of course, I did it again. And again! And again!
And each time B laughed harder and harder. Adding squeals like babies do.
OMG! I felt like the funniest person alive.

When Dad came home it was time for cereal. I made a bit of a mess, but Miss B ate the whole thing! She was a little slow with the bottle, but between Dad and me, we got most of it down.

Then I said my poem to her again, and dang if she didn't start right back up laughing. Over and over again. Dad had never heard her laugh like that. We tried to Facetime mom, but I think she was tired of laughing by then.

Today I noticed how the sweet, sweet sound of baby laughter made me laugh.


And I noticed how peacefully Mary slept when I went by to see her.  It must have been hard with the TV blaring for her roommate. I sat next to her bed and listened to her breathing. I'm glad she was getting some rest.


And I noticed what a good pray-er my Sweetie can be. And how good frozen pizza is when you haven't snacked all day.

May laughter be your prayer tonight.
Merry ME


Mary Rafferty said...

Baby laughter is a wonderful thing to hear and feel inside, that pure joy.

Glad that you had such a good day.


AkasaWolfSong said...

Listening to a baby or child laugh must be like listening to Mother/Father God laugh...sweet, pure and precious. :)

May laughter be your prayer today!