Tuesday, July 8, 2008


"Don't do today what you can put off til tomorrow."
Words of wisdom from Merry ME*
I didn't even make it a week. The NaBloPoMo challenge has now officially been added to the things in my life that need tweaking. It's not that they don't get done; they just don't get done on time or when they do get done it's kind of half-assed. Well, that's not exactly true, yesterday's post didn't get done at all.

I could make the case that my father and Sweetie come first. (Sadly, most often in that order). I was busy getting soundly trounced in a game of rummy by my Dad who had obviously been touched by the card fairy. He couldn't do anything wrong, and I couldn't do anything right; he got Aces, I got stuck with cards costing 10 points in my had. It made for a very lopsided score and most likely took my mind of anything that had to do with food, especially writing about it.

After that, my Sweetie and I got totally involved in a Dateline story about two scuba divers who were left stranded in the ocean off the Great Barrier Reef for over 18 hours. The only connection that has to food is that they could have been, but luckily were not, food for hungry sharks looking for lunch .. or dinner ... or breakfast. Egads!*

Then there was the bedtime discussion between Sweetie and I about how hard it is to live with a depressive and how hard it is to be depressed and be in relationship - with anyone, especially one's self. This, too, was not a topic that lent itself to a food posting. Instead I felt like throwing up. But it cleared the air. We kissed and made up. It got to be past midnight and I had failed in the writing department.

Oh well, as AntiJen has pointed out to me, I can backdate this post and no one will be the wiser. I won't do it, but it's good to know I can. I wish I was able to be more devious than I am. No, instead, Merry Me lays it all out in the open and offer to start the flogging herself.

That's enough of that. Here's the tie into food. I woke up this morning, not raring to go, but willing to give the day my best shot. For some reason known only to the people who study the intricate workings of the brain during deep sleep, I awoke thinking of liver and onions (liver and onions????)

And this, my friends, naturally led me to thinking of my Sweetie. I know it's a stretch but stick with me. Back in the very beginning of our relationship, before we even had a relationship, when I was just a name on an Internet date site, my future sweetie "winked"* at me with the following message:
Are you the
Yin to my Yang?
Sugar to my Cream?
Liver to my onions?
Hey; if you're smiling; read on!

And I did. And even when I'm a big cry baby and the whole world looks gray and cloudy, I'm glad I did. He says he loves me regardless of my recent resemblance the WWW (see photo at right). At times I question his sanity but who am I to point my witchy fingers at someone who eats liver and onions and smiles at the gourmet delight?

All this brings me to a list of food combinations that can either make your mouth water or stomach churn:
liver and onions
mac and cheese
spaghetti and meatballs
soup and salad
coffee and donuts
green eggs and ham
chips and salsa
cream and sugar
ice cream and cake
burger and fries
rum and coke
steak and potatoes
beet and carrot salad
sausage and peppers
pancakes and syrup
broccoli and hollandaise sauce
Oreos and milk

Now that's what I call a food post. Sorry it was late.

Merry Me
* I wanted to start with a procrastination quote. But most of them were about NOT procrastinating. Instead I made up my own, which I found is not too terribly original. I found this funny little article on the Internet which I'll share with you because it says so well what I wanted to say:

* If you didn't see the show, the couple was finally rescued, but not before, with the rescuing helicopter hovering overhead and watching as if in slow motion, a venomous sea snake swam up to the woman and looked her square in the eye before swimming away. Apparently she didn't look too appetizing which is a good thing.

* Things may have changed in the 4 years since I was on the Internet looking for love. Back then, a wink on Match.com was a way of letting a person know that you liked what you saw and read on their profile. If he/she was equally intrigued then the winking could go back and forth until email addresses were exchanged. One wink from "greyromantic" was all it took for me. What can I say, I'm easy!

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