Friday, November 28, 2008

Cat's Cradle

"Cat's cradle is a well known series of string figures. The name of the entire game, the specific figures, their order, and the names of the figures vary. Versions of this game have been found in indigenous cultures all over the world--from the Arctic to the Equatorial zones."*

I don't know where the name "Cat's Cradle"comes from. I began to get a clue, however, when I woke up to find a ball of yarn strewn across two rooms. Undoubtedly a certain girl cat who had a way too much time on her paws was to blame.

The evidence is circumstanial. I don't believe it would stand up in a court of law. But I know these black felines pretty well. The girl cat is not afraid to sniff around a bag of yarn when the lights are low and the house quiet. Boy cat might watch and egg her on, but there's no way he's brave enough to do the dirty work.

Take a look for yourself and see what I mean.

1. Down the hall

2. Around the corner

3. Into the den

4. Onto the desk

5. Under and over and back around the pens and papers

6. Girl Cat: "Here, let me help you roll it back into a ball."

7. Boy Cat: "Looks like fun, but I better stay here and watch for mom."

I must be getting mellow in my old age. Thinking about how much fun they must have had makes me smile!

Here's hoping all your yarn is easily untangled, Merry ME

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