Saturday, November 1, 2008

Touched by an Angel

" A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference."
Winnie the Pooh

Terri St. Cloud became a friend of mine through one of those circuitous and serendipitous moments that life sometimes throws at you. A year ago, I took myself to the beach for a brief retreat. As if I had all the time in the world, not just a Saturday afternoon, I strolled into a store full of sweet smells, handmade gifts meant to bring one comfort and serenity. I met Bella who, not only convinced me of the recuperative value of a Tibetan Bowl massage, she pointed pointed out some bonesighart prints. Rather uncharacteristically attuned to the moment, I felt as if Bella was some kind of angel put in that spot on that day just for me. Her advice was correct on both counts. Sadly, not long after that the store closed and I never saw Bella again.

I checked out the bonesighs web site, and through another angelic turn of events, began exchanging emails with Terri, a really cool lady ... artist, author, mom, teacher. I don't recall now what our original correspondence was about, but I immediately felt safe opening my heart to this wise stranger. She made me feel at home even though we live in hundreds of miles apart.

I don't know Terri's whole story but I know she's had her share of sadness - lots of sadness. Instead of dwelling in that pain, Terri used it to make a better life for herself and others. Thus bonesigharts was born.

Along with everything else Terri does, she writes a blog - Honor Yourself ( In fact, she is a blogging queen. She even has her own blog groupies! So imagine my surprise and good fortune when she wrote about me, not once but twice. That's pretty cool, but that's not all. She gave me this blog award.

The award comes with instructions to pass it on which I will do when, as Terri says, the spirit moves me. I wonder if it's okay to send it back to her!
I've been thinking lately about how connected we are on this planet. Even though many of us (me included) muddle through life in our own little world, I think we are meant to embrace each other - loved ones and strangers alike. It's that power of love thing; positive energy rippling across the universe. Surely one day love is going to win out. Terri says it better. Here's a quote from an Oct. 28th post:
"we matter to each other.
we just do.
and our moods and interactions with each other
really do make a difference.
and we have no idea how much, do we???"
Well I certainly know what it means to have a mentor like Terri. If you haven't been there before now be sure to visit her website ( you'll be glad you did.
Thanks, Ter, for all you do to lift my spirit. My prayer is that it will return to you four-fold.
With a grateful heart,
Merry ME

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Sorrow said...

I found you thru Terri, and I probably stumbled upon her the same way you did. By finding a bonesigh in an odd place and finding her web site and ordering more...
we are connected..
in ways we don't always know.
but having a way to share the journey, even over hundreds of miles, makes the burden a bit lighter..
at least for me!