Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Election Day 2009

"Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer,
but the right answer."
John F. Kennedy

What a day! History in the making! Excitement is in the air!

Is it the height of Pollyanna-ism to think a good speech, and a sea of humanity seemingly all of one mind can make a big change in this country of ours. Will we wake up tomorrow and return to business as usual? Or will our hearts and minds hold fast to the excitement of this historic day?

I've lived through history-making days before. I know where I was on the day John Kennedy was killed, when men walked on the moon. I remember wanting to throw up on the day the Challenger blew up and feeling numb with disbelief on September 11th. My memory isn't what it once was but I hope I carry the hope I'm feeling today for President Obama, for his family, and for our country well into the future.
I know one man cannot make the changes that have to be made all by himself. I want to believe, however, that the momentum he's been building to reach this day is going to give him the oomph he needs to turn baby steps into giant strides. I want to believe that a million+ people amassed on the D.C. mall created a flood of positive energy that will turn a tide of negativity.

Strangely, as I ate dinner last night I was presented with an omen. I don't usually read tea leaves, or see images of saints in the peanut butter I spread on my English muffin. Still when I reached into the potato chip bag and pulled out a greasy heart-shaped morsel, I knew it was a sign of good things to come.

With a hopeful heart I look forward to being a part of what comes next. Merry ME

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Laura Paine Carr said...

Oh Mercy!!! Where have you been my whole life??? I do love that potato chip!

Yes. It is okay to expect and look forward to a hope-filled reality. All ways, light comes back around...xoxo