Friday, September 11, 2009

Random Acts of Kindess

"Kindness is more than deeds.
It is an attitude, an expression, a look,a touch.
It is anything that lifts another person."

Perhaps kindness is a purple vase of purple flowers sitting on the table waiting for you when you come in from a quick trip to Walmart that ended up being not so quick because you had to wait in the 20 or less EXPRESS line for 15 minutes.
Perhaps what makes the kindness extra special is that the purple vase with the purple flowers arrived on a day that was not special in anyway. Not a birthday. Not an anniversary. It was just an ordinary Thursday.
Perhaps what makes the kindness incredibly special is that the purple vase with the purple flowers came from a person you only know on the Internet, yet you feel like you've know her your whole life. Or wanted to know her, because she is the person you aspire to be.
I believe random acts of kindness could make our world, if not exactly peaceful, a little easier to maneuver. Like that proverbial pebble that gets thrown into the river of life, one act of kindness can send out ripples of kindness that passes from one person to another.
On this anniversary of one of the most horrific deeds in history I think we can honor those men and women who lost their lives doing what they do in an extraordinary way on a not so ordinary day by practicing kindness. See if you can't find some way to lift another's spirits today. It doesn't have to be grandiose or cost a lot of money. It can be as simple as a smile or a heartfelt thank you.
Maybe it's nothing more than letting the tired woman in front of you in the 20 or less lane stay where she is even though you've counted the items in her cart twice and you know that she knows there are 25 items and instead of being pissy you compliment her on the kid she's with.
What goes around comes around.
Thanks Terri, you made my day. I hope I can return the favor.
Wishing for each of you a purple vase filled with purple flowers.
Merry ME
P.S. Don't wait for someone to buy those flowers for you. Buy them yourself. And while you're at it buy one for someone else.


terri said...

i'm just shuttin' down for the weekend! gonna go goof with the guys then head off with glad i stopped here before i quit.

big smile.

was so hopin' you didn't hate purple!

sending you love.....

Sorrow said...

Hey pebble thrower!
so good to see the ripples on your shore!
have a wonderful weekend!