Sunday, August 29, 2010

Not Why ... What

If you haven't already been there, please go to Qn. Dani's blog to read more on why.

I really have no idea what a guru is or does. Aren't they wizened old men who dress minimally but wear a rather large turban on their heads? Only because I've read Eat Pray Love do I even have an inkling of what an Ashram is.

None of those images would describe the one person whom I would choose to be my guru or spiritual mentor. Qn Dani isn't wizened, but she's wise. She doesn't wear a turban, unless maybe it's purple and she's feels like dolling herself up. She may fast on occasion, but you can usually find her with a cup full of hot Starbuck's coffee nearby. You don't have to sit at her feet to listen to her and feel closer to the Creator. All you have to do is read her blog, or visit her store, or look at her heart, or talk to her on the phone, or see her smile, to know that she is a walking/talking angel who can reach out and touch you just by saying hello.

I'm blessed to call her friend.
Wishing for you an angel in your midst,
Merry ME


terri said...

yay for queen dani!!!
and i second everything here!!

Qn Dani said...

I don't wear turbans - feather boas are soooo much more fun, and I don't fast (ever) because there is too much deliciousness to feast on, and if God had wanted me to fast to get closer to Him, he wouldn't have created chocolate cupcakes, but you did hit the nail on the head about the cup 'o Starbucks by my side or in my hand!!

You honor me dearest Mary - with your friendship, your heart and your love. Always.

Henri Nouwen wrote that the reason we are here in relationship with each other is to give each other the gift of our belovedness.

Thank you for always giving me the gift of my belovedness, and for allowing me to give you the gift of yours.

We are both (equally) blessed.