Saturday, August 21, 2010


Since I haven't posted in a few days I thought I'd use this time when the house is blessedly quiet, except for the dog snoring, to jot down some Random Thoughts.

1. Do you remember watching old timey western movies? Invariably there was a scene where someone got in trouble and needed help fast. Against all odds a wagon train would circle around to fend off a band of painted and whooping Native Americans. I'd sit on the edge of my seat, my hand full of popcorn frozen in space halfway to my mouth as a bronzed warrior found a helpless woman, or a child or a dog hiding under an heirloom quilt. With war club suspended in mid-air, the sound of a bugle and roar of horse hooves would be heard as the cavalry charged in from over the hill. Ah, saved by the men in blue.

Well, my sister wasn't wearing blue, and she didn't fly in on her umbrella like Mary Poppins, but she did arrive this morning to spend some time with my father. Even when I didn't even know I was feeling scared and worn out, I began to relax just knowing I have four days with a little extra breathing room.

"JoJo," Dad called from the back of the house. I sat here on the couch and let her go.

2. There is a lady at church who is holding pre-natal classes for Hispanic parent's to be, in Spanish - go figure! She has been a big help to me with the Guild of the Christ Child so I'm pleased to be able to return the favor and help out her new mom's and dad's at the same time.

Clemencia called me yesterday to tell me she needed 6 shoebox layettes. I swear, I get such a warm and fuzzy feeling when I'm up to my elbows in onesies, blankets, baby bottles and other stuff that goes in these small, yet big, boxes of love. When I was finished my dining room table was full of pastel colored bags, and I had an inkling of what Santa must feel like after he's loaded up stockings hanging on a fir draped mantel. Of course I cried this morning when I saw the smiles on the faces of women who don't speak the language of my country but understand the language of my heart.

3. Over at Patty Mosca's blog she wrote about gratitude. That is a common theme that runs through the blogs I read. Yet it never feels overdone. I get a daily quote from which, I find, is a good way to start me day.

Here's a sample:
"From experience we know that
whenever we are truly awake and alive
we are also truly grateful."*

Gratitude, I think, is something that needs to be cultivated. Like pulling the weeds out of my garden, having a grateful heart helps everything grow better. And when I'm awake and alive enough to give thanks for even the weeds and bugs, I am able to feel a little bit more in line with God's plan.

Patty asks us to take a moment and think of 5 things we are grateful for today. Here goes:
Today I am grateful for the silence that surrounds me.
Today I am grateful for my family.
Today I am grateful for air conditioning. It really is beastly hot and humid outside.
Today I am grateful for friends who check on me, encourage me, and lift me up.
Today I am grateful for that man of mine.

How about you? What are you grateful for today?

Wishing for you moments when you feel truly awake and alive,
Merry ME

* David Steindl Rast, Gratefulness, the Heart of Prayer, 8/15/2010


paradox said...

Boy do I miss little tiny clothes and baby bottles. I remember washing my first load of Madeleine laundry...the basement of our apartment building in Queens. I was young and broke and tired. So much stuff fits into one load...and as I took the pieces out, the onesies and one piece pjs and tiny socks...I thought of the loving family that overwhelmed us with clothing and milk and help. I was so grateful...and so proud to be a Mom.
I imagine the Moms you helped today...washing the clothing before their babies come home...smiling and grateful to you..and excited.
Thank you for being so loving to them.

Tracey Catarozoli a.k.a Sally Sunshine said...

Dear God ~ Today I am grateful for Mary and her serving in your name to help your children. Amen

Molly said...

I agree with the cultivating gratitude thought. I find it true.

I'm thankful for the rain.

I'm thankful for the brother in law who helped play detective and figure out where the water in the basement came from (the sink overflowed when I left the sheets finishing in the washing machine while I celebrated my birthday with my family - hard to explain other than old house).

I'm thankful for my dogs and my friends & penpals and my family and my ipod. And Trader Joes, where I am about to go.

Way to go ME and thanks for the card - loved the confetti :)

Fire Byrd said...

I am grateful for the intelligence not to smash up my new printer when it wouldn't print a card that I wanted to send to you!
So now I'm going to be grateful for the ones I have of America in my drawer.
Cause it's a card to say I'm thinking of you and grateful that you are in my life

Pamela Jones said...

The rain
The blue sky
Red tomatoes
Warm friends
Beautiful poems