Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!

You know that saying about having grandkids first because they are so much fun. Well I'm thinking I should have had a 60th birthday a few years ago. This has been a quiet day but so filled with joy and love and surprises that I couldn't ever had asked for more. All day long I've realized how blessed I am. I shouldn't need a birthday to remind me of that but it sure helped! And really every day should be filled with this kind of love. Would we lose appreciation for it then? I guess learning to live every day in gratitude takes some practice.

To everyone of you who celebrated me today I'm honored and grateful. To everyone of you who shares a part of you with me I'm honored and grateful. To those of you who teach me how to be a better person - to love more, trust more, give more - I appreciate every lesson.

To the Divine One who had the ingenious idea to make babies which sort of began the whole birthday thing, I bow down in humble adoration. On that note, I would like to welcome Miss Lucy Amber Schmidt, 3rd granddaughter of my writing coach/friend Carol O'Dell, who was born this morning. It's a pleasure to share this day with her. May she grow in strength, wisdom, joy and beauty. May she follow in the footsteps of her grandmother who can't wait to start telling her stories. Many, many blessing, Little One.

Off to indulge in one more birthday pleasure - a hot, lavender-scented shower before I crawl into my cozy, comfy bed.

Goodnight and thanks again,
Merry ME

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