Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Scratchin' my Head

The purple sign on the stack of Coke products said 6 for $10.
(The small print which I didn't read until later said a $10.00 Walgreens rewards coupon would be given at the register.)
I picked up 4 regular Coke 12-packs and 2 Caffeine-free Coke.
(I didn't realize til I got home that it was not Caffeine-free DIET coke. Damn!)
Upon checking out I put one 12-pak each on the counter. I was told the price was 3 for $10 and needed to be bought in separate transactions. Huh? I complied even though I was beginning to be very confused and feel a wee bit on the ditzy side.

After making my purchases I went back to the original sign. Okay, so I didn't read the small print, but still 6 for $10 is NOT 3 for $10 twice.
I showed the sign to the cashier who may have been an assistant manager. Oh, its the same thing he told me. Feeling undone, I said okay and left the store. But the whole way home, I was trying to do the math. I passed College Algebra but me driving and doing math at the same time could be on the same par as driving under the influence or texting while driving ... dangerous.

When I got home (and discovered the Diet Coke mistake which really ticked me off) I asked Sweetie to help me. 3 for $10 + 3 for $10 = 6 for $20, minus the coupon = 6 for $10. Okay, I said. I get it.

2 hours later, I was still calculating. Finally I got it. I NEVER received the coupon so in essence I got the 3 for $10 newspaper ad price, not the in store ad price. Grrrr.
After dinner I decided to exchange the 2 caffeine - frees for CF diet. Suzi hopped in the car with me and off we went receipt in hand.

CF diet coke is no longer stocked at this store. But as it happened the same man was at the cash register. Don't you think you owe me a $10 reward coupon? I've got my receipt.

Do you have the other 12-paks with you?
Well no. I only brought these two. But I've got my receipt ( repeating myself), can't you do it with that?
No, they have to be rung up together. Huh?

You know you got me on this one, right?
The man was clearly tired of quibbling with me over Coke. What could he do but shrug his shoulders? Well he could have given me a reward coupon, but that wasn't gonna happen.

Oh well, at least I know I'm not crazy. Frustrated but not crazy.
Merry ME


Anonymous said...

I think the lesson here is that perhaps you should drink less coke, Mom. :)

MamaJoe said...

Where do you live. I need to show up while having a hot flash and show him what 3 for 10 could mean. What a stupid policy. I wonder if corporate knows about it. Here's to a cold diet come wherever you are. : )