Saturday, July 7, 2012

Georgia On My Mind

The spur of the moment kids, who like to jump in the car and head out for adventure are at it again.  Or should I say the girl who has wanted to see the sunflower festival in Georgia for five years is finally on the move.  While I was still agonizing the hows, whens, wheres, etc, Sweetie was on the Internet making reservations.

First stop, Red Carpet Inn, in East Dublin, GA:
If I tell you we are just across the "bridge" from Dublin you might guess that we are not in the part of town where the tourists hang out. Actually, when we drove through downtown looking for a place to eat dinner, I realized this isn't exactly the kind of town tourists flock to.  I can't swear by it, but I think Dublin's claim to fame is that Sherman did not burn it down on his way to the sea. If it  looked a lot like this back in the 1860's Sherman may have decided it wasn't worth his time. It's kind of sad, really.  A sign of the poor economic times maybe. Windows boarded over. Mom & Pop stores closed. That kind of thing.

Another interesting fact about Dublin is they have street signs that tell you when you are going the wrong direction.    It is the genteel, Southern way of New York City cab drivers honking and giving you the finger. 

Here are a  interesting facts about the Red Carpet Inn.
1. The carpet is green.
2. The doors are green.
3. The furniture looks like it was old when Sherman passed through.
4. It took me a few minutes to figure out there was something not quite right about the bathroom. I guess if you have to choose, it's better that the commode doesn't fall over.

See anything wrong with this picture?

This is the first time we've taken Suzi with us on an outing that lasted over an hour. She is my kind of travel partner. Her head hit the seat as soon as the engine started and she didn't wake up unless we called a potty break.

Wake me when we get there.

She was kind of anxious when we got to the motel. She didn't want to eat, or leave my side. But after awhile she made herself at home on the green carpet.

This is some kind of fun!

And last but certainly not least, here is a picture of my Sweetie at Peter's Italian Restaurant. We were looking for a place that served steak. Peter's is all we could find. When we got back to the Red Carpet Inn, we were a little taken aback by the police car sitting in the parking lot near our room. It turns out they were having a steak fry right by our front door.  I don't mean to give Dublin or the Red Carpet Inn a bad name, but it does feel a little like we drove into the Georgia equivalent of the Twilight Zone.  But hey, when was the last time you paid $58.00 for a room and ten of that was for the dog? I guess it's true, you get what you pay for. Sure hope the price doesn't include critters in the bed.

Here's what I know about myself but often forget to remember. I like to go places. Its the thinking about going that ties me up.

Today I'm grateful for safe driving, good company and giving up control.

Wishing for you new sights to tickle your fancy,
Merry ME


Anonymous said...

One happy looking Sweetie!

MamaJoe said...

The hubby and I decided to become ..tourists of our own state. We started with our own city and are moving outward. I'm like you...the thinking about it is easy the getting out and doing it is a more involved. But I do love the planning.
PS Glad the toilet...and the sink did not fall over. Wow!

AkasaWolfSong said...

Ummm...don't they have the handicap bar in the wrong place? LOL I about lost it on that one!
I'm thinking it should be next to where one wants to get up and down?
At least that's how us folks up north, us Yankees do it. Ha Ha Ha

The sink, well, I'll leave that one alone.

However, I'm glad you all are out having fun...Red Carpet Inn and all! Keep them photos and captions coming Mary! :)

Sweetie is just too cute! I want a photo of you too! :)

Loving You Beloved Sister!

P.S. Try Helena, cousin lives near there and she's says it is really nice.

Cinderella said...

Aaaack - that toilet seat was held up by what looked like a sawed off cane!
$58 a night? Thank goodness the sheets and mattress were clean and you didn't get bit by anything!

Sweetie is too cute - and so is the dog:)