Friday, July 20, 2012

My Two Cents

After 9/11 I found I couldn't look at the repeated news broadcasts. I still close my eyes when the reruns of the towers falling in on themselves are shown. I was reminded of the same thing when I turned on the TV this morning and every station had the same cellphone video of the movie theater shootings playing over and over and over. Then when I turned on the computer there was the guy's face plastered on the Yahoo news page. While today's shooter doesn't look quite as sinister as Mohammad Atta, there is still evil behind those eyes, that the smirky smile cannot hide.

I have a hard time with evil. Well, duh. Who doesn't?

What I mean is I have such a strong conviction that each and every person created has been kissed by the Divine.  It may be an article of my faith, but I can't buy into the fact that we are born sinners. I think we are born in the image of God and given half a chance can live into the love that is our Divine birthright.

Where does evil come from? Nurture or Nature? Can it be in our DNA? Child abuse? Neglect? Too much? Too little?Acid rain? Flouride in our drinking water? Tectonic plate movement? UFOs? Too much coffee? Not enough carbohydrates?  What is that makes someone do the things that can only be described as evil? And how can those, who believe love is the answer to just about any question, combat such wickedness when we can't even fathom the degree of its horror?

My Sweetie reclines in the chair next to me. Suzi is asleep on the floor. From where I sit, I can look out a window and see a slight breeze blowing the orange and yellow flowers of the butterfly bush. I can see red birds and blue jays sharing the feeder. The sun, that comes up every day to remind us that life, no matter how horrific, will go on, is shining its light on freshly mown grass. But I don't want to step foot outside.  My home feels like the only safe place in the world right now.  Until I remember the roof needs to be replaced.

How do the mothers and fathers and children of those killed in every part of the world today continue to believe in the sun and the moon and the stars? How many times will the mother who sees her son's picture on the news ask herself why? How will people live through horror?  Is forgiveness really possible? Too many rhetorical questions, and not even one answer.

I wish for you, pray for you, that wherever you are you will know peace. That the mighty armour of the God of your understanding will protect you.

Today I am grateful for my faith that tells me, even if I don't understand it, that in the midst of unthinkable darkness Light will shine,
Merry ME

P.S. There will be many bloggers as well as TV news commentators who will adding their 2 cents to this discussion. Many will be better written than mine.  Here is one from that says what I wish I knew how:

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