Monday, July 30, 2012

The more things change ...

... the more they stay the same.

Since I've been concentrating on giving my inner writer a voice, my inner quilter has had to take a back seat in my creative life. That artist persona put her foot down last week and has been sewing and cutting and piecing around the clock.  I'd forgotten how fun it is to see something take shape right in front of your eyes.

A lot has happened since my last quilting frenzy.

  • I used to sew on the dining room table, where my mother taught me how to sew when I was 13 years old.
  • My mom used to walk up behind me and watch, quiet as a mouse. When I'd crawl around on the floor positioning squares, she'd stand in the doorway and nod her head yes or no.  
  • Dad would also make his opinion known. 
  • My habit when I finished piecing the top, and again when the quilt was finished, washed and ready to go to the person it was made for, was to spread it out on top of Mom and Dad's king sized bed and take a picture. Like my parent's the table and the bed are no longer here.
But some things are still the same. 
  • Sewing is messy business. Or maybe I'm just a messy seamstress. It's hard to imagine the floor of a quilt workroom that isn't covered in thread snippets and fabric scraps.  Good thing Sweetie has the garage looking like a bomb exploded in it. If not he might be complaining about the mess.  He likes to think one is supposed to be able to see the top of a table.  How crazy is that?
  • I believe it is a law of nature that cats and quilts go together.  Put a nice cozy cat bed and a nice cozy human quilt in the same room, the cat will pick the quilt every time for an afternoon nap. I believe every quilt I've ever made has been christened with cat hair. 

Today I'm grateful for fun creative times and black kitty cats.

Wishing for you times when you inner people can come out to play,
Merry ME


Jo Dee said...

Quilting takes over everything. You can't have an organized room when you have bits and pieces about, and being creative and the love of the process simply calls for mess in the meantime!

And cats love that energy:)

AkasaWolfSong said...

I'd love to watch you in the creative processes. I bet it's fascinating, not to mention inspiring. :) I wouldn't worry too much about messes as all good things come to those who wait, eh?

Kitties and Quilts go were made for each other.

Your quilt in the photo is awesome! I love the colors! :)

(((Love and Hugs)))

JoyZAChoice said...

I love this, Merry. My gut is telling me that the kitty chooses the quilt over the kitty bed because of ALL THAT LOVE you put into them. They're not dummies! Beautifully written, sweet One. Sending hugs ~

Unknown said...

Mary, What a beautiful story. Love the picture. I agree that the kitty saw all the work you put into the quilt and of course it had to be for him/her. They just think like that. Love the story.iro

jeanne hewell-chambers said...

I love the image of you quilting, snipping and cutting and placing and stitching, totally focused on the cloth, amazed and filled with wonder to see it take shape, almost as though a totally separate observer. I believe we infuse our spirit, our energy into what we touch with our hands, so I'm not at all surprised that kitties of any color find it a place their way to claim as their own.