Thursday, July 5, 2012

Somebody Need to Tell Me to Snap Out of It

At the risk of sounding like a big whiny baby, I am going to go on a short rant.  I awoke this morning to find it was burning hot outside, my stomach could not face one more serving of whole wheat anything and my email account had been hacked.  I long for the good old days. Problem is I'm not even sure what days those would be.

The ones where I was so thin, my sister called me toothpick?
The ones where I looked fit and trim because I worked out in the gym everyday ... and oh by the way I was a little anorexic (like being a little pregnant.)

Or maybe I want to return to the days when the snow covered the car, and the winds howled.

How about going to back to the day when we used land line phones to talk to people across the country and pretty monogrammed stationery to write letters that a postman dropped through a slot in the door.

Better yet, what if I traveled back to the days my creativity couldn't be squashed and my sunny disposition remained in tact.

I feel like a big boogerhead and I can't tell you why.  32 mailer-demons kind of set the tone for the day.

One thing for sure I'm going to have to snap myself out of this funk or go to my room until I can act nice again.

Maybe a key is to return to a place of gratitude. I think even boogerheads can dig deep enough to find something(s) to be grateful for.  So here goes:

1. I'm grateful to ATT & Apple for their tech support in fixing my security issues.
2. I'm grateful I've lost 5 pounds, which isn't a lot, but is a start.
3. I'm grateful to have a computer to write on even when I feel like throwing it against the wall.
4. I'm grateful for the silly brown dog at my feet who appears to love me even when I'm grumpy.
5. I'm grateful for a Sweetie who knows who appears to love me even when I sound like a grizzly bear.
6. I'm grateful the baby got to visit even though the house is so quiet now, I'd give my right arm to hear her say hi.
7. I'm grateful for blog friends who know how to make me smile even though we've never met.
8. I'm grateful for books to read, floors to vacuum, and cold, juicy oranges.
9. I'm grateful my daughter didn't kill herself while slogging through a muddy, ice-filled, electric booby-trapped obstacle course - that she can officially call herself the Tough Mudder I always knew her to be.
10. I'm grateful for family who share my branch of the family tree.
11. I'm grateful for toilets that flush, drains that drain and a son who knows how to de-flood a garage.
12. I'm grateful for money in the bank.
13. I'm grateful for the butterfly bush outside my window.
14. I'm grateful for peanut butter and crackers which may not be very dietetic but keeps my stomach from growling.
15. And I'm grateful I'm already feeling a little more chipper.

Wishing for you computers that don't crash, a healthy snack and a grateful heart,
Merry ME


Laura Havice said...

I so love butterfly bushes all this rain made them sparkle in the sunlight. And just think - did you lose five pounds while not eating kale? I'm doing a cheer for you right now in my envy.

terri said...

smilin' at ya, ms. mar! it can definitely be a tiring ride at times! and nothing gets a person grumpier than computer problems!!!

keep on focusing on that gratitude! i'm gonna join in as it's hotter than hector up here as well! i'm grateful for ice tea!!! and for YOU!

AkasaWolfSong said...

Well Beloved Mary...*wink*...
I'm grateful for You!
So hows that grab ya! LOL

They say it is the last day of extreme heat in our parts...then down to the 90's lol, but I will take that compared to 103 yesterday and 102 predicted for today. At 90 something tomorrow it will be a welcome relief. I haven't been able to leave the house in several weeks which is beginning to make me grumpy, so I can relate. If I were at your tipi I'd jump in the pool and probably live in it.
Now, I think I should go and write out things to be grateful for this blessedly cool one room tipi I'm living in.
Happy Friday glad you are getting help with your computer. Damn The Hackers!!!

Cinderella said...

Some days are just crabby days - and without them we wouldn't enjoy the good days as much!

Glad you took care of removing that hacking 'malware' attack (SPAM) on your e-mail with the FBI link I sent you.
I had no idea it was such a widespread thing.

Sorrow said...

I am just Grateful for Merry, who sends me snail mail and always makes me smile!
you rant away sister..

MamaJoe said...

Sorry for mailer *demons*, but glad for the tech support you needed.
Training for the Tough Mudder last year was what triggered the whole heart stuff I went through...well, that and age. My husband and daughter now both call themselves Tough Mudders.
I hope the sound of your g'baby's voice echos throughout you until you can hear it in person again.