Monday, July 9, 2012

Oh Tennessee, My Tennessee Part 2

I slept really hard after taking Suze out for her 5am pee. When my sister called at 9, I jumped up like a little kid on the first day of vacation.  We're going exploring today. Well, not so much exploring new things as retracing steps I used to take with my mom and dad. More about that later. Just know I'm excited to see the places - it's been about 12 years - again. And my heart is beating kind of fast. Scared in a way. Like before making a speech. You see, I'm going to say yet another goodbye.  Like letting go a handful of balloons at a time, I'm releasing my father, mother and my grief in baby steps.

Still, right now, this minute, I'm chomping at the bit to hit Highway 68 and go driving through the mountains to see places my heart recalls fondly.

May peace and love and sweet memories surround you,
Merry ME

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