Monday, February 2, 2009

I WANT ....

2/2/09 As I was driving a friend to the hospital at an ungodly hour before daybreak, I noticed a billboard advertising the Powerball Lottery is up to $55 million.

I want to win that jackpot.

I know that sounds greedy. But really, except for paying off my bills and setting myself up a nice little retirement fund, I think I'd give most of it away. I'd be one of those people you read about who let the money slip through her hands.

But just think of the change I could make in the world with that kind of money. No it wouldn't be permanent. No there would still be wars and poverty and mean people. But maybe, just maybe, I'd be able to paint rainbows in the life of people who know nothing but rain. God, I think that would feel so good.

I know you need to teach a person to fish rather than giving him a plate of sushi to eat. How fun would it be to give fishing poles to people the world over? Poles, and worms, and nets. I'd make sure there was a cast iron frying pan to cook up their catch, and throw in some lemons and dill for a flavor.

I love dreaming!
Merry ME

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Sorrow said...

I know!
wouldn't it be a hoot?
Sometimes i daydream about the
little stuff i would do.
Fixing an elderly neighbors roof,
a scholarship for a really bright kid,
a trip for a friend to see a child she hasn't seen in years..
I just don't have that dollar.