Friday, February 20, 2009

International Women's Day Blog Party Reminder

March 8, 2009
IWD is a major day of global celebration
for the economic, political and social achievements
of women past, present and future.

In the days since deciding to host an International Women's Day Blog party, I've spent a lot of time in thought about the women I know. Zeroing in on just one woman to acknowledge as having had a major impact on my life is much more difficult than I thought it might be. It's good, I believe, to think back over one's life and remember the ones who have helped make us who we are and who we still might be.

I asked the men in my life what women they might pick. My father, ever one to challenge a perfectly good thought, thinks everyone will naturally pick their mother, so what's the point? Has any one woman had any more impact on a girl than her mother, he asked without looking up from his dinner plate.

Sweetie acknowledged that his mother had an impact on his life but in a very negative way. It wasn't until he was older that he could embrace that negativity and use it as a driving force rather than a hindrance. As if to prove to his mom he wasn't a loser, he became a winner. (Makes me think of the Johnny Cash song, A Boy Named Sue!) Still, if he had to pick an influential woman he's not sure he'd pick his mother.

When asked, Cherish suggested that it depends on where a girl is in her life. For example, a mother might impact a younger girl's life or one just becoming a mother herselv. However if said girl is in college trying to discover her future path, then maybe she will be more influenced by a favorite author if she wants to be a writer, or scientist if she wants to be a doctor, or film critic if she wants to go into film making. Out of the mouths of babes, I thought. Good point!

To me it's a given - mothers are the primary force behind most women. For good or for bad, our mothers do wield a great deal of power. My own mother, gone for 5 years, still lives in the shadows of my life.

Even though it seems a bit like being a control freak, I thought I'd make some IWD Blog Party guidelines. The bottom line is if you want to come to the party, please do. And bring any woman/women (the more the merrier) you feel like bringing.

  • She can be a woman from history or down the street.
  • She can be young or old.
  • She can be alive or long deceased.
  • She can be powerful who roars so that people take notice, or someone who moves mountains with quiet gentleness.
  • She can be related to you or someone you'd like to meet one day.
  • She can be in any line of work or play.
It's your decision. The only restriction I'll put on your pick is that be a woman. That's not to say that men aren't important but it is, after all, International Women's Day.

On that same note, I realize that my first broadcast email about this party was only sent to women. I had women on the brain and didn't think much beyond that. After talking to my menfolk, I realized that I had really narrowed the playing field. I think it will be interesting to get a masculine perspective on the importance of women in their lives.

So spread the word. Ask the questions ... what woman has had the biggest impact on your life? What woman would you like to acknowledge by name or by deed? Then come back to this blog on March 8 and tell us who the women are by leaving a comment. You don't have to join anything. You can comment anonymously, but I hope you don't.

I'm excited. I hope you are too.
Merry ME


Sorrow said...

you know your asking a lot.
Just one women?
there have been so many in my life, through out it, that have had such tremendous effects on me.
How can you narrow it down to just one?
~Goes off like eyeore...~

Merry ME said...

Dear Eyeore,
I'm all about freedom and flexibility! If you want to narrow down your choices to the top 5? top 10? top 20? or not at all, it's up to you. The more the merrier. My personal list is growing by the day and I have not yet been able to pick THE ONE. It may not be possible.

Unknown said...

There are many who have impacted my life:grandmothers, mother, friends, but most recently I am going to say my friend SORROW!

She has had an enormous affect on me and how I view life and giving from the heart.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! Thank you. After much thought and 12 years of really hard self-reflection, learning control is an illusion and some other really valuable words of wisdom.....I honestly believe the most important woman and influential woman and the one who has taught me the most has been ME:) I even have a hard time typing this because of the 'old stuff' my own mother placed in my head---for better or worse----BUT truly, were it not for my own efforts, desire to get out of the negatives and leave 'victimhood' behind me as a woman........I would not have been able or continue to be able to grow and learn from other as a program I am involved with says "Let it Begin with Me"....I celebrate Myself today and thank you for allowing me to do so with other great women all around the cyberspace world. We ALL have such goodness within us:) for some, it is quite the archeological dig, but worth the dust and tears to find the treasures:)