Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

"When black cats prowl

and pumpkins gleam,
May luck be yours on Halloween."
Author Unknown
My day started out at 5am. I awoke to a strange sound - a kind of kathumping coming down the hall. By the time it got to my room, I was fully awake, but it was dark and I still couldn't tell what I was seeing. Turns out it was Boy Cat doing somersaults and banging off the wall. I cornered him under Sweetie's side of the bed and was able to pick him up. I'm not sure who was more scared ... me or the cat. I don't know what a cat seizure looks like but I'm pretty sure that's what had just happened.
I called the ER vet, asked a few questions then made the decision to wait til my vet opened at 8:00. It was a long couple of hours. Somehow all of us were able to settle down enough to sleep a little. I put the very worn out kitty into a carrying crate. As I loaded him into the car he seized again. Only this time his flailing around was contained in a small box. About all I could do was cry for Sweetie ... think Prissy in GWTW. By the time I got to the vet, he was having a hard time breathing. Whether from the seizure or nerves, I don't know. The cat's guardian angel was working overtime. The vet's waiting area was empty. The vet and 4 techs were available to provide care and each went into well rehearsed action. Within minutes the cat had an oxygen mask over his snout, was x-rayed, had an IV in his leg to provide liquids and Valium. He quickly settled down, not even reacting to the continuing needle sticks.
I love my vet. She is cool, calm and quickly on top of things. Each tech treated my baby like he was their own. He looked pretty pitiful but I knew he was getting good care. For a moment I saw dollar signs circling in the oxygen filled room. Mostly, I wanted to see this sweet feline get better.
One of his many names is "Scaredy Cat". He would rather run in the other direction than let me pet him. However, if I let him come to me on his own terms, he'll sit with me and purr. His sister, Baby Cat has decided I should not be allowed to go to the bathroom without a chaperon. If she thinks she is alone in the house she'll wonder around crying til she finds someone. Then just like our 2 year old visitor, reaches her arms and insists on being picked up. Scaredy Cat is much more discerning about his interaction with humans. He might not be too happy when the Valium wears off.
The tentative diagnosis has something to do with having too many red blood cells. I had to leave him at the vet for the weekend. No real surprise there. Hopefully by Monday he'll be hydrated, oxygenated and feeling much better. Until we know exactly what has caused this rare affliction we'll have to treat the symptoms, for the next few weeks.
The good news, if there is any, is that this condition makes him a perfect candidate to be a blood donor. He's got more red blood than he needs and it can be pulled off and used for surgery, etc. According to the technician, this will pay for the debt that he is incurring this weekend. Poor baby. It doesn't sound like the greatest of futures.
The sun is going down. It won't be long before the neighborhood goblins start knocking on the door. I must go stir the candy bowl. If I work it right there will be plenty of Snickers bars left over for you know who!
Merry ME


Fire Byrd said...

Hope all is well with Mr Puss.
You should have been here for Halloween, no-one called so Alex gets to eat all the candy!

Sorrow said...

oh! poor baby!
Hope he is feeling better soon!

Molly said...

Oh my, I missed this post yesterday. I hope Scaredy Cat is on the mend. There's nothing more helpless feeling than when dealing with a sick pet (and sick baby).

To a less serious topic: you asked about replacing butterscotch morsels...I stood a long time looking back and forth between those and Heath toffee morsels...I'm not a big butterscotch fan but they worked with this. Next time, I'll try the toffee ones to compare.