Wednesday, October 28, 2009


"An idea that is developed and put into action
is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea. "

I'm in a bit of a funk. I'm tired and crabby. My hip hurts even when I do my stretching exercises. In fact, despite what the doctor tells me, it hurts more when I do the exercises. I'm uncertain about the future. It makes me feel kind of scared.

The weird thing about this poopoo mood is that I also feel kind of creative. Words aren't coming the way I'd like them too, but I hear the call of fabric that has been locked into a closet to get it out of sight because my sister is coming to visit.

"M-a-r-y," the blues and greens whisper to me but I can hear them loud and clear.
"M-a-r-y," the holiday fabrics yell louder to remind me that any project I want to have ready by Christmas is already going to take a speed demon to finish.
"Just do it," my heart tells me because it knows I need a creative outlet to turn my mood around.

"What? Are you crazy?" my anti-muse asks. "Don't you already have enough on your plate? And what about that tea party you've been planning since May? And do I need to mention that uncompleted project in the back yard, oh you creative one? Why don't you just grab your screw driver and get that done before you mess up the dining room?"

I'm almost convinced that this is not the time to start quilting again. But I have this idea ....

If you go to most of the blogs on my sidebar you will find stories about creative people with big hearts making things to raise money for some of the world's most needy. Maithri and Tessa are working to build bridges in Swaziland. Terri has opened my eyes to the plight of women who suffer from cancer and or unconscionable violence. Sorrow contributes some of her profits to organizations that help women, horses and children. Firebryd is helping wounded warriors find a way to let their war personas go and enter back into society feeling human again. Jon Katz takes pictures and gives talks in order to call attention to dying libraries and farms. All of these people are doing this charity work on top of all the ordinary day-to-day things they manage in their lives - mothering, working, broken legs, feeling blue, exercising, moving, etc.
I also have a charity I want to contribute to. It is a Baby Shower ministry I started at my church. In line with the Millennium Development Goals #4 and 5 the shower is a way to promote maternal health and hopefully decrease the high rate of infant mortality. The numbers of infants who die right here in Duval County where I live are staggering. They are coming down, but not fast enough. And wouldn't you know, with the down turn of the economy available funds for organizations who cater to moms and babies are diminishing too. So for the last three years I've asked people at the church to donate baby clothes, formula and diapers which will then be given to local charities. Last year we made over 100 shoebox layettes. One Saturday before Christmas we turned our parish hall into something that looked like Santa's workshop. Is there anything softer and more cuddly than a newborn's brand new undershirt or nightgown? The 2010 Shower will be held in January at the feast of the Epiphany when the church acknowledges the visit of the wisemen (women) to the Christ Child.

With all those good causes in mind I want to do something to raise awareness and money. Writing is something I do for me. Quilting is what I do for others. I always come back to quilting. Quilts are pretty and warm but mostly they say in a special and unique way "there, there, everything is going to be okay" when your wrap one around your shoulders. What I'm not sure about is how to use my quilting skills to "build a bridge."

What I'd like to do is make a couple of quilts to be raffled off. One for my local charity. One for the others mentioned. Here's what I'm thinking. Anyone got any other ideas?

I found some fabric that is blue and green with globes and doves on it. In the magical way that fabric speaks to me it says "Peace". The particular pattern is still in my head (when it comes to quilt patterns, I'm a traditionalist.) But my minds eye pictures hands stretched around the world offering love and peace to those we know and those who we'll never even see. Anyone who reads my blog can help by doing a few different things:
A. Trace your hand on a piece of paper and send it to me via snail mail. If you want to participate just leave a comment. Along with your hand send me a "Peace" quote or favorite saying. Of course it is okay to send either or!
B. If you participate in Step A, you will automatically be entered in the drawing for the quilt.
C. Beyond that I don't know how to set up the exchange of dollars for chances. I am not set up to receive funds on PayPal and I don't have a clue about the legalities. However, any money raised would go to a charity of the winner's choice so long as it is promotes peace and well being to the marginalized people of the world.
If there is one thing I'm not good at it is fundraising. I'm much better at giving than asking. So I am way out of my comfort zone here. If any of you out there have some guiding light to shine on me I'd appreciate your help. I'm a fool to think I can get this up and going and a quilt made by the New Year but that is my tentative goal. If not then, when the time is right.
My prayer is that together, in some small - or grand - way we can make a difference. As Maithri says: "Together we will find ways of making a change."
May Peace prevail,
Merry ME


Sorrow said...

I will happily send you hands..
and if you want to you are more than welcome to use the Labyrinth of life Charity shop to sell whatever you want to raise money.
It's a place to help...
bless you mary, it's a wonderful thought!
I am in the knitting mood these days..
would your church like some baby blankets? I could knit some up for you for January...

Molly said...

Sorrow's idea would be good. Also, you could set yourself up on Ebay and auction your quilt...then you can take the money and forward it to the designated charity. (i figured out how to sell on ebay, therefore i am betting you can too).and i love your quilt ideas...

Maithri said...

Wonderful ideas my friend,

Love calls us out of our comfort zones...into new ways and worlds of being...

May everything which your hand touches be blessed,


terri st. cloud said...

oh so cool! i'm in!