Thursday, October 29, 2009

Idea ????

Back to wondering just how crazy I think I am.

I am not so sure, cool as I think it is, that that whole hand thing is going to work. Wouldn't it take forever to collect enough for a whole quilt? Maybe I should just collect peace sayings in the comment section here.

Should I make a whole quilt or just something to hand on the wall? Hmmm....much as I like walking into a room with hanging quilts, I prefer wrapping them around me. What do you think?

Sweetie says he knows all about EBAY. Is that the best way to go? How does auction compare with raffle?

The deciding what to do and how to do it might take longer than making the quilt!

Thinking out loud,
Merry ME


Fire Byrd said...

How about making little quilts for cots?
I used to make quilt cushion by hand in the days when I had to do night duty when I was a nurse. It was a great way to keep awake.
I would love to be in a quilting circle, not something we have a lot of over here.
I love books and movies about women sitting together making and talking.Think it's a lovely way to share our lives.
Good luck with your quilt

Anonymous said...

My 'Sweetee" thinks that people may very well bid on a beautiful quilt, but that people on e-bay will be skeptical that the money will go to their peace charity. Maybe people who get involved in these sorts of benevolent ventures are not as skeptical as the rest of the world. My suggestion is that you choose 1or 2 or 3 worthy causes, including Wounded Veterans, etc., maybe your favorites. Now as for the quilt, I was picturing a strings of hands, front and back sort of like hanging Christmas tree lights. Hands out of peace dove fabric. You might not be able to include all the hands, but you could include many of them from around the world. Maybe you could include around the edge in small print, all the names and places of the unincluded hands. But... who am I to suggest something to someone as talented as you. Go for whatever comes into your creative mind. It will be beautiful! lg