Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Feeling Blessed

"As the sun shines on upon my heart,
so may my heart shine upon others!"
The Upanishads

I haven't been writing much lately. I could blame it on all the painting and furniture re-arranging. Or I could say I'm too busy getting back in the groove of dad-sitting. These are truths as well as excuses. An even deeper truth is that I feel like my words have dried up. I've tried to write, Nothing works. The fact that Spring has sprung and my blog friends are either soaking up Nature's newly green bounty, or writing about how they are spring cleaning both their homes and hearts also has me feeling stuck. I don't have any deep thoughts about the weather or my circumstances.

Sweetie and I got a card in the mail today congratulating us on our marriage. As I read the note, I realized that not having a lot to say is one thing, not saying thank you is just poor manners. So many people held me tight in their circle of love during one of the hardest times in my life, and woohooed with me on both my wedding day and my birthday. I am blessed beyond measure. Although I could see how it easily could, I hope my silence is not perceived as a lack of gratitude for your generosity.

Another blogger recently posted a kind of farewell letter. She decided she was ready for "real" relationships, as opposed to what I'll call "web"ships. I understand how having friends on Facebook, Twitter or the blogosphere can take the place of meeting new people, sharing a cup of coffee, going to a movie, and other activities. One day, when I'm not so tied down I may want to get back to that. But truth be told in my lifetime I've never met so many like-minded people as I have since writing this blog. My fantasy is not to meet someone new to hang out with, but to meet the people I feel like I've known for a lifetime. People who "get" me without me having to do anything other than be myself.

So to my blog friends: Terri, Dani, Sorrow, Molly, Mandy, Pam, Patty, Jody, AkasaWolfsong, and Swallowtail, I say a deep-felt and hearty thank you. I pray that if the time ever comes when you need my shoulder to lean on I'll be able to give as good as I got.

To the friends I have known seemingly forever: Catherine, Fred, Carol, Laura, Joanne and Barbara, thanks for sticking by me even when I go underground for long periods of time.

To my writing group - old and new members alike: Thanks for reaching out to me and especially for encouraging me to write even through the darkness.

To my family: Wendy, Linda, Letty, Johnson, Todd, Jean, Jim, Deana, thanks for giving what it takes to keep our family tree firmly rooted in love.

To my Sweetie: I remember the day shortly after we started dating that you told me "how the cow ate the cabbage" with regards to you and the holy state of matrimony. Who would have thought the road would lead us to where we are today? Thank you for being my friend, for being my sounding board, for being my rock, for being my shelter from the storm, for loving me.

Today my wish for each of you is a heart full of gratitude for all your blessings,
Merry ME


terri st. cloud said...

i'm leaning on my hand reading this with this stupid warm fuzzy grin....
thanks, mary.......
you are deeply loved.....

Fire Byrd said...

lovely post.
and worth waiting for the words.
you're right I think ablout blog friendships they are without doubt some of the deepest friendships I have ever had and I would be lost without them.
cause I do have a wonderful group of real friends, but none of them live nearby so to have blog friends a mere comment away when I'm sitting in my house, makes me feel that there next to me sharing a coffee. especially on the bad days when I'm lost.

AkasaWolfSong said...

Well...ahem..with lump in throat and tears in eyes I say you are so very welcome Dear Mary...
What is friendship for if not to make life less difficult for one another? And frankly I'm feeling a bit warm and fuzzy inside as I didn't realize you considered me a friend so I consider it quite and honor. I feel the same for you Beloved Woman Merry Me!
You have given me food for thought in my times of shadow, when I was experiencing such deep sadness for FireKeeper and that is a kindness I will not forget.
In essence, the road to a friend's house is never long...be it in cyberspace or otherwise.
Bless, Bless, Bless You!
All My Love...

Sorrow said...

Some how I think you always find the words.
with your beautiful, loving and giving heart...
even in silence I hear your love.
Take time to just BE, and rest well knowing when the time comes , My door is just waiting for you to step thru.

Pamela Jones said...

How did I miss this for a whole day?

Many hugs and many hearts to you, Mary! You express so eloquently the feelings we share as online friends; and coffee or no coffee, there are few people I check in with every day. Like-minded, you say? And I do find that among this group. Let's not do "either/or" with online/at the table -- let's have it all!

You are right...you are very loved.