Sunday, April 18, 2010

Public Service Announcement


If by any chance you find yourself caring for someone who is old and on the edge of being obsessive compulsive about having (or not having) regular (daily) bowel movements and your medical advisor says it's okay to give two stool softeners plus a dose of Miralax on top of the one half dosage of softener already consumed it could be considered deleterious to both the patient and the caregiver (who is in charge of cleaning the beside commode) to add four prunes to the patient's breakfast because the patient is likely to spend the next twenty-four hours intermittently rushing to the bathroom because he is no longer constipated, in fact he is experiencing no problem at all with said movements, and sleeping because making so many trips to the bathroom has worn him out and perhaps dehydrated him. It would be considered highly advisable to leave the prunes in the back of the refrigerator where they have resided for the past six months getting a little bit fuzzy.

Follow this advise or not at your own risk,
Merry ME


Molly said...

I feel it is incumbent upon me to inform you that the PSA you so kindly posted made me laugh aloud.

Lest you think I'm cruel, please note for the record that for much of my childhood I was raised by my grandparents.

All Bran, Muesli, Bran Buds, Grape Nuts, the fiber you mix in water...all these and more were part of the daily landscape.

Hope your dad is back to normal soon.

Sorrow said...

O dear...
Taken under advisement..
and much humor...