Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just an Ordinary Saturday

I must have writer's block. Every time I try to write something, I end up staring at the blank screen as if my computer has channeled a Magic 8 ball an idea is going to appear. In an attempt to break the block I'm going to try the just-write-what-comes-to-your-mind technique and see what happens.

1. First of all, I can pretty much guarantee I'm not going to have a good day when my father calls me from the bathroom to tell me he thinks I should call the Hospice nurse because he is having trouble going #2. This is a side of growing older that I frankly do want to deal with. I'm not sure when it happens that our bodily functions begin to take priority over everything else. In my mind some things should remain private. I am relatively sure that when my Dad was a younger man, he did not need assistance in determining how many stool softeners to take. In fact, I'm guessing he took whatever he needed to take without so much as a glance at the directions on the bottle. Now, he seems to need approval for everything. The person who is quick to remind me I am his medical surrogate, is also quick to point out I have no medical background thus making my suggestions not worth much so I should call the nurse and quit fussing at him.

Dear Lord, please give me patience.

2. There is a news story in the headlines where I live about a little girl who has been missing for over a year. There is still no sign of her, but the Sheriff has changed the status of the case from missing to homicide. This comes as no big surprise to those of us who have smelled a skunk since day one. After 14 months I don't know what they think they'll find by searching a muddy river and personally I hope they don't find anything. My heart actually hurts to think that this child lost her life at the hands of people high on drugs or anger or just plain stupidity. Is there ever going to be a time when the children of this world can live without fear?

Dear Lord, may your light shine in the darkness of fear, pain and injustice.

3. My Sweetie just celebrated his 65th birthday. In the days leading up to the BIG day he downplayed the whole idea of a celebration. "It's just another day. What's the big deal?
I don't understand why men (I'm going to generalize here) seem to think it's expected of them to say birthdays are for kids, not manly men. Then, when the birthday is ignored the manly man's inner child feels all sad and neglected. Women (okay, ME) on the other hand know that the birthday is not so much about the added year. It's all about the celebration. The cake! The cards! The total focus on celebrating the birthday girl. To me, birthdays are all about setting aside the routine for the happy-to-you. It would be great if every day could be a happy to you but then birthdays wouldn't be special would they?

Dear Lord, thank you for all the days we have to celebrate life.

4. File under "Things I Learned from My Cat": Just because something looks too small (last year's shorts?) it doesn't mean you can't fit in.

Dear Lord, bless all creatures great and small.

5. It looks like a beautiful day outside and for some reason I'm inside watching TV crime shows. What is wrong with this picture?

Wishing for you a day to enjoy,
Merry ME


Molly said...

Love #4 and the picture! I've missed your posting but sure understand about writers block.

Laura Paine Carr said...

It is profound what you have done here, Ms. MM. I am impressed, and grateful, that you have pushed into the "alleged-block" and touched upon some deep introspection. This is a powerful list, and tender, and vulnerable.

Often I turn to lists. They can make me laugh, or cry, and everything in-between!

Here's an assignment you didn't ask for: find a snail. Describe it in detail.


Unknown said...

Hi Mary, I've been doing some catching up and reading your blogs. I love 'em. You're so "real". I like lists too.
Lv ya, Marilyn

AkasaWolfSong said...

Ahhh yes Dear Mary...I know the constipation routine all too well.
Dealing with an Elderly Aunt that wears Depends and shopping for groceries while trying to keep her from falling flat on her face as she weebled and wobbled around..(no I don't want to use the cart!) and then trying to make it to the bathroom in time as she has had so much roughage to eat she cannot make a whole trip through the store without using the restroom and by the way, why do they call it that?
We love our Elders tho! How could we not? Someday we will be them.
She was a certified NA so for me to suggest anything was out of the question, much like your father, lol.

I hear exactly what you are saying with No.2 and align my prayers with yours...

Moment by moment life is precious and you have said it very well, that we need to celebrate it as such.

And last but not least I love the pic you posted with All Creatures great and small...

May the Long-Time Sun shine upon you and bring you peace...