Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What color is your day?

Sitting next to my Dad's bed tonight I saw this Target ad.
I don't know how it happened that she is on TV, but I'm pretty sure the "Mary" in the commercial is my inner child.

Do you ever feel like dipping your feet in pink paint, or frosting a cake with your hands or wearing fairy wings?

I do!

Wishing you a day filled with the color of your choice,
Merry ME


Pamela Jones said...

You mean you don't DO these things? LOL!

I think I'd like to lie in a hammock in the shade, watch the children do them, and remember.

terri st. cloud said...

i saw her runnin' with paint on her feet and immediately thought....I NEED TO DO THAT!!!!

DancingFire said...

I'd like to paint myself green and brown and sit in the deep woods , breathe in the mossy aromas,lay in the shade and nap!

Molly said...

I haven't seen this! It's so perfect - I was taken with icing the cake with glove encased hands...

AkasaWolfSong said...

Delightful is what it is! He He
Right now it is one of my fave commercials on the tele!

I think I'm with DancingFire on this one Mary!

From time to time I get silly and have fun when my Grandaughter comes to visit...I just can't stop myself nor do I want to? :)

Here's wishing you loads of color and a beautiful weekend!

I Be Loving You!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Mary. Today I'm looking for a light green color. Quiet and serene. By the way. I tried a garden last year, but it all died. Not enough sun. I think that's kind of like people. We need sunshine in our lives. Love your messages.