Monday, March 26, 2012

Mother Nature is driving me crazy

I swear, will these blasted (as in blasted from the fires of hell) hot flashes ever go away?
I'm 60 years old for goodness sake. I take all kinds of supplements to keep my pipes and organs running smoothly. Seriously, I know my body is low on estrogen. But do I need to be reminded about 50 times a day?

Weneki told me a few weeks ago that she needed me to tell her all about the wonders of (peri)menopause so she'll be clued in as to what to expect. A little bit of drama runs in our family so she doesn't want to have a hot flash sneak up on her when she's not expecting it and take herself to the ER thinking she has a fever with no other symptoms which could possibly be the onset of a very dread disease. I hate to tell her the first lesson she needs to learn is they always seem to come when you are not expecting them. I mean if you could expect them, and prepare for them, you would know to strip down to your underwear before they attacked. I did mention drama, didn't I?

So I sent her Gail Sheehy's book, Silent Passage, and she is studying it like there might be a test. Honey, I want to tell her, life is the test! But I'm too busy taking my clothes off and putting them back on, or pulling up the covers when I go to bed, only to kick them off when the steam rises. Or standing under a cold shower, which I have to say is the exact opposite of the kind of showers I really like to take. Grrrrrrrrrr.

Okay, I think I've cooled off. Thanks for listening.
Merry ME


Anonymous said...

Food can also trigger Hot flashes while your in menopause.
There is a whole list here

MamaJoe said...

Oh sweet blogging know I feel your sweaty pain. With the bioidentical hormones I've gotten on, I've managed to reduce these evil reminders of an aging body from 30+ a day to about 5 or 6. But I do find that I envy those women that carry a sweater everywhere cuz they know they're going to get cold.
Here's to hoping for some cooler breezes coming your way.