Monday, July 16, 2012

Just in Case

I did something today I shouldn't have done. And now instead of keeping it a secret, I'll go ahead and blog about it. Sort of a "2 wrongs don't make a right thing."

I had a doctor's appointment that took all of 10 minutes. The rather large and ugly cyst that was going to be removed by a plastic surgeon disappeared. Not much for the doctor to do but tell me to keep my dirty, oily hands of it. Oily? Gross.

Basically, I was up, dressed, and out with time on my hands. So I headed for the book store. Since I have a stack of books by my bed, there is no reason under the sun to buy any more. Besides that my Sweetie seems to have a thing going on with Marion the Librarian because he is either checking out or returning something four or five times a week.  I made a split second decision to turn in the direction of  the fabric store instead, which is just as unnecessary and maybe more detrimental to my pocketbook. At least when I buy a new book, I read it. Fabric I buy and stick on the shelf for "some day."

There are times I have surprisingly strong "go without" will power. There are times when I have none.  Let's face it, I should not be allowed to go into a fabric store. And if I am allowed I should sound some kind of alarm if I don't have my coupons with me. At home, I look through the sale flyers and toss the coupons in the trash. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Even if I'm never going to use them, I should have a special box in my car where I keep them, just in case. Like a spare tire for a flat, or candy bars in case I'm stranded somewhere for days and need some kind of sustenance to keep me alive until help arrives.

I did have a legitimate reason to go in, one thing in mind to check out, which I did and decided against. I was just about home free when the skies opened up. Thunder and lightening seemed to be telling me to stay inside where it was dry. My mistake. I should have taken my chances running between lightening bolts. I walked up and down the aisles of cotton fabrics and quilt books. For me, going to a fabric store is like a chronic gambler going to Las Vegas. I get all tingly inside. I've even been known to touch the fabric as if it were the Crown jewels or a baby's toes. See how dangerous it was for me to go in there.

My confession is that yes, I did buy some fabric. It has birds on it. And then, I needed some fabric to go with it. A little turquoise, a little orange, a little green. And then, after I was all finished, ready to head for the checkout aisle, I passed the Christmas fabric.  I had ignored it on principle first time around. It's too early to even be thinking about Christmas.  I told myself I'd just look. Well, you know what happened. But that yard wasn't for me. It is my annual gift to my sister, the Stocking Angel.  Don't tell her husband, because I'm pretty sure he thinks she's got enough Christmas fabric to make stockings for all Santa's elves.

The good news is I must have walked about 1/2 mile. Three times around the cottons, once around the whole store looking for the bathroom, then one more time around trying to find something that didn't exist. Exercise is good, right?

Today I'm grateful I'm not an alcoholic, cause then I'd really be in trouble. And I'm grateful for my blog friend, Akasa who always make me smile. And I'm grateful I didn't have to have my cleavage operated on.

Wishing for you controllable desires,
Merry ME


Anonymous said...

"My confession is that yes, I did buy some fabric. It has birds on it. And then, I needed some fabric to go with it. A little turquoise, a little orange, a little green."

I am -very- intrigued by this confession. Very, very intrigued.

~Weneki, a lover of birds and a little turquoise, a little orange, a little green

AkasaWolfSong said...

Ah Mary? I'm pretty sure when I said yesterday another quick trip would keep me enthralled did not include the book store or fabric store. LOLOLOL! Oh Brave Girl! Where was your camera while all of this was going on? No pictures of said fabric? Hah!
On a lighter note, happy to hear you had the cyst removed...
I'm with Jack though...I have a rather intense relationship with Marion the Librarion...funny they used to call me that...I digress...I've actually stopped buying books and now live at the library, as my home cannot find any more room for books! At least until I move? he he he
I'm so happy I can make you smile Sistah! It's my pleasure!
Sending love and hugs across the miles!!! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Miss Merry Me, you are an enabler. Christmas fabric on sale! Now, I have to go the the fabric store and test my will power which is non-existent when it comes to fabric. I think addiction of any kind has a genetic element - it must be Mom and Dad's fault. ld