Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Straining the Ozone Layer

There is an ad running on TV about a woman whose parents are coming so she flips her husband out of his favorite recliner, ties it to the roof of the car and drives, chair and all through a car wash. All that and all she really had to do was douse it with Fabreeze, then sit back and wait for her guests arrival.

What the commercial doesn't say is that if you spray the couch, the love seat, the chairs, the rug, and the dog blanket in a closed environment such as the area where your Sweetie is sitting reading a book, the fumes will be so overwhelming that he will start coughing and choking and gasping for un-Fabreezed air.

Do you need to ask how I know this?

My cousin is arriving at noon tomorrow with very little warning. Well, she's been saying for months that she'd come visit Uncle Speed (my dad), but since she hasn't shown up I didn't really expect her. This time she's on her way. What else could I do short of running the furniture through the car wash or setting it outside in the pouring rain? How was I to know Sweetie has such a sensitive nose when it comes to fumigating chemicals?

I'm praying by tomorrow the smell will have dissipated leaving only a gentle hint of spring time flowers. Of course she may not even recognize the smell because if I remember correctly she is a smoker. When I asked what to have in the refrigerator, her son said Budweiser. Woohoo! This is going to be some kind of fun! Haven't had a beer drinker in the house for many a moon!

Wishing for you a fresh smelling home,
Merry ME


Fire Byrd said...

Sometimes I have to weigh up wet dog/ fabreeze and sometimes wet dog wins. It's effective but vile stuff that fabreeze.
Enjoy the visit!

Anonymous said...

amen to that fire byrd. The animals and I closeted ouselves in the bedroom waiting for the intensity of the Fabreeze to waste away. When I opened the door to check that ME had not succumbed to the gassing I found the back door open and the ceiling fan in that room on high. Me of course sat placidly on the love seat typing away on her lap top. Writing this post, no doubt. Swee-T

Pamela Jones said...

OMG!!! My sweetheart thought he was doing me a favor by spraying the carpet and seats in Nellie Belle (my ancient minivan). It was days before I could close the windows and think of enjoying the A/C. Thought I'd die!