Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day Part II

Dad wanted to go on an outing this afternoon so we put our jackets on and headed to the Jacksonville Veteran's Wall. Neither of us had ever been there before and I got lost a couple of times. The wall sits between the football stadium and the fairgrounds which was full of carnival rides, etc. I had to ask 4 different policemen for directions and make it past a parking lot attendant who thought my 93 year old father in a wheelchair and I were trying to sneak into the fair before finding a place to park. A brisk wind blew but the sun glistened off the polished marble. For a few minutes we were the only ones there. Us and the spirits of hometown men and women. It was quite a moving experience and one I'm glad to have shared with my dad.


Molly said...

Wonderful post - both of them!

Fire Byrd said...

How wonderful to have been able to go with your Dad.How poignant when he was involved.
I've only been to WWI memorials and they were tough enough!