Friday, November 19, 2010

You Matter/I Matter

Can anyone see the strings attaching me to the Divine Puppeteer? I kind of feel like I've being moved about by forces I don't usually notice.

I don't go on Facebook much but I went there this morning after reading Terri's blog, Honor Yourself. Today is the anniversary of someone close to Terri taking her own life. Someone young, with a full life ahead of her, who didn't know how to hold on or who to turn to. In what had to be a moment of pure agony, she felt it was better to go out into the unknown than live in the pain she could no longer bear.

Our mutual blog buddy, Pam, went on FB and declared this "YOU MATTER" Day in honor and remembrance of that girl who hadn't lived long enough to know that no matter what else happened, she mattered.

I don't know what drove this girl, or so many of the other teens (no to exclude the adults) we are reading about in the news. Suicide, it seems, is becoming an epidemic. Ironically, in a world where there are so many ways to connect and stay connected, people are feeling isolated and alone enough to take their own lives. I've been in that dark place. I've known that pain. I've felt unloveable and undeserving. BUT I WAS WRONG.

I am loveable.
I am deserving.
I do matter.

Before I could say that to myself and believe it, I had other people say it for me/to me.

So, please, hear this:
You Matter

Now pass it on. Make today the last day someone in pain has to feel alone.

Wishing for each of you the knowledge deep down in your heart that you are a child of God and as such you are a part of the Great Spirit and carry your own deserving Light,
Merry ME


terri said...

i'm not even sure what to say. you guys posting this stuff has moved me in such a deep way. i am overwhelemed with the's gonna help me a lot tonite. thank you for that, mar....thank you....

Pamela Jones said...


AkasaWolfSong said...

Mary...You Matter to me Sister Love! As in honoring you, I am honoring Me, Terri and Pam!

Big Hugs! :)

This issue hits very close to home with me too.

Blessings Mary!!! Lots of Blessings!!!