Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Name of the Game

1. Feeling behind and unable to catch up.

2. I seriously considered joining NaBloPoMo again thing year as I think that is why I started blogging in the first place. Well, November 2nd came and went, and so did November 3rd, without any posting from Merry Me. Alas, I'm out of it for this year. Guess I just don't need that kind of pressure right now.

3. If I'd been more on top of things, I'd have chosen "waiting" as my NaBloPoMo theme. I know November is traditionally about thanks and giving. Both good subjects. But it seems I'm in a perpetual state of waiting. I thought it would be a good thing to explore. Alas, here I am waiting to write about waiting!

4. It has finally rained on my neck of the woods. Beautiful, glorious, drenching rain without a lot of thunder and lightening. This is a good thing because our lawn has been waiting for good watering fairy to appear, or an irrigation expert, or someone to remember to turn the sprinklers on manually. It has turned a gloomy shade of brown, especially compared to our neighbors lawn. If I didn't see him out on his hands and knees all the time, I'd almost think he's spray painted his grass green. I know he must cringe when he walks out in the morning and sees the spot where our yards intersect. He's to the point of replacing some plants that have died in that space so there is a better dividing line between ours and his. That may not be his sole motivation. It may just be that he is retired and doesn't seem to mind spending hours on end in the heat of the day digging in the dirt. God bless him.

5. Life has been kind of crazy around my house. At 3 o'clock this morning I was called to Dad's bedside because he was having a constant and severe pain in his chest. Let me just say this is not my best time of the day, nor do I always handle stress very well. When I called Hospice, I was put on hold to wait for the next available triage nurse to come to the phone. Only the person who finally answered was from an answering service and didn't really care about my Dad's pain, he just needed to fill in the blanks. So when the nurse got on the line and couldn't hear me and I couldn't hear her my not very nice, crabby alter ego appeared and yelled at the person who was trying to help me. Then when I would translate a question from the nurse to Dad and he's answer, "I don't know" or "what exactly does she mean by that?" or "you decide" my alter-ego turned from crabby to bitchy and that's about the time my Sweetie came in and asked what was happening and I yelled at him to please get some clothes on before the ambulance came, as if he was going to greet them in his undies which I know he's never do. He got dressed, grabbed a book and sat in his chair to wait for my father to live or die, a nurse to come to the house, the dogs to quit barking and me to return to the darling woman he loves so much. It was anyone's guess when any of that was going to happen. Sweetie is a patient man.

The end of this story is that Dad was not having a cardiac incident. Seems I manned my battle station for a rather severe case of gas. Next time maybe I'll know better. Why is it that what I can handle in the daylight is like a giant boogie man under my bed in the wee hours before the sun comes up?

6. My men-folk are waiting for their dinner. I must get busy.

Wishing for you patience when the world around you has gone crazy,
Merry (or not) ME


Pamela Jones said...

I think it was the boogie man who was yelling at the nurse, don't you? If you find someone who is patient at cheerful at 3AM (and also functional during daylight hours) I'd like to meet her...she must be supernatural!

Paradox said...

LOL Pam..

Mary...I love your stories..they're just so honest that I can feel as if I'm there...even in the midst of 3am, boogie men, crankiness and gas... love love the new design.