Friday, March 20, 2009

Joy Hangover

“Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want,
but the realization of how much you already have.”

Yesterday was a grand day. The best kind of birthday. I was surrounded by people I love and who love me back. I was gifted, cheered, and sung to (in five different languages which, with the addition of Brother/Father Georges, has become our family tradition). I was feasted and treated to a decadent, chocolate-chip lava cookie a la mode. I wore a tiara out in public and actually felt deserving! People look at you kind of funny when you wear a tiara, but nobody snickers. Little girls, God bless them, point and act as if they are actually in the presence of royalty. I'm thinking tiara wearing would be mandatory if I were president.

There is still confetti in the rug which I am seriously considering keeping. My book supply has been replenished. I can't wait to start reading. Lately I've been so tired when I go to bed the pages have been all fuzzy. I have two bokays of beautiful and good smelling flowers, chocolate cake to eat and puzzles to work. Indeed, I have been blessed.
(Photo: Dad, Princess Mary, Georges
I do not know why I was holding my arms like that. It looks like I was trying to lift my boobs up and I wasn't doing a very good job. Notice that the red Mary Janes match the new red skirt. I love Mary Janes. Dad thinks only babies should wear them. What does he know?)

I gave up drinking alcohol a long time ago so I think the tired feeling I have today must be a joy hangover. It might have something to do with the not one, but two plates of shrimp scampi I scarfed down last night or the dessert, but I choose to believe its the unusual amount of joy I experience. (Photo: This picture does not do this succulent Red Lobster delicacy justice.)

Dad has reminded me more than once that my birthday is over, that I have to wait for another whole year to pass before I have another day, and that there is no reason to still be excited. Yeh, he's a bit of a party pooper. What he doesn't know is I have decided to continue my celebrating as long as the huge roast is still in the fridge waiting to be cooked. That is too big a piece of meat to eat just because. I know how to stretch out a good thing! (Photo: JoJo, Princess Mary and Sweetie, aka Ernest Hemingway)

Times goes on. Laundry continues to pile up. But life is good.

How can it not be when there are cute little girls like is in the world? She was sitting on the waiting bench at the Red Lobster and took an immediate shine to me - as I did to her.

Wishing you the best of everything topped off with a pink rose, Merry ME


Josh said...

oh yay!!!!
i'm so glad you had such a good day!!!
maybe we need to have tiara tuesdays!!

and you're right....ignore that pop of yours and keep celebrating all month!!!!!

Josh said...

oh look!
it said i was josh!
nope. josh's mom.
just so you know.

Laura Paine Carr said...

Well Honey, you ARE a Haapppppeeeeee BirrRRRtthhhday BaaayyyyyBBBBEEEEEEEEEEE! And those red shoes and tiara go so good together!

Our Mary is going to be 8 on March 31 (110% Aries!) and she gets to have a message on the Fairgrounds Continuous-Loop Marque!!!

Happy Birthday to a beautiful and joyous woman!

Fire Byrd said...

Happy Belated Birthday.... sounds like the fabbest sort of day.
In my family we always have Birthday Eve, Birthday and Birthday Boxing Day, makes sense to us to have the celebrations last as long as possible, so you go girl.
Love the Tiara gives you a certain regal air.