Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Scavenger Hunt - Something Cool Behind a Fence

"The wide world is all about you;
you can fence yourselves in,
but you cannot forever fence it out.
J.R.R. Tolkien

1. My sister Linda sent this picture along with this description:

We have cows across the road from us, maybe about 20. Every Spring, that number almost doubles in a two week time with each of the mothers giving birth to one or two babies. Every time I drive by, I think I see a new little one laying next to his mama all curled up. Then, as they gain a little strength, they frolic. There is no better word than frolic, and all the little ones frolic back and forth while their mothers eat grass with one eye on the playing around them.

Yesterday, many of them were gathered in a corner of the field right across from our driveway. I grabbed my camera and crossed the road to take a picture. It was very funny, the little calves stopped what they were doing, some watched, some turned their back. One who was feeding darted in back of her mama and peeked at me from underneath. The others watched me and tried to pretend I wasn't so close. But what was really funny (I wish I had remembered the video option on my camera), is the parade of mamas sauntering quickly to the fence near me, all mooing their mama moos to their babies - Moo-she's a terrorist! Moo-don't look at her! Moo-don't smile! It was very fun."

Weneki thinks, and I have to agree, that this picture could also be used under the Scavenger Hunt category of a "cute bottom." (Although I think the size of the picture does not do the cute bum justice.)

Good going, Linda Lu. These pictures make me want to visit the NW even more. I'm guessing this might also be birthing season for the Alpacas. If only I could twitch my nose and be someplace else.

2. Sorrow sent this picture after reading the above post. Indeed these cuties are "something cool behind a fence." Now I'm wondering if Sorrow raises alpacas (llamas?) along with making awesome pottery? If she tells me she shears the beasts, spins the wool and knits sweaters I'll be pretty impressed. Not surprised but impressed.

Sorrow says: "The alpacas are friends of ours and yes they do have names, but I can't remember what they are, as they have about 20 of them! They live about 6 miles from our house. ?? and temptation is the one thing May West and I live to indulge."

May all your fences be small ones,
Merry ME

P.S. I am challenged! Is the best way to add additional pictures to put them at the top or the bottom?

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