Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Adventure - Day 1

I'm not sure I can really call today's junket an adventure. Going through an on-line ticketing agent my Sweetie, who loves to get a deal, found us a flight to Tulsa, via Charlotte, and Houston. Just a little bit of a round robin route. We found out yesterday when picking our seat assignments (which couldn't be done til 24 hours before which basically meant all the good seats (i.e. free) were taken.) We will be sitting in what the airline refers to as "choice" seats. Mainly because we can choose to pay $26.00 a piece or not fly at all. And in case you're wondering, the answer is yes. We do have to pay for checked luggage and probably a bag of peanuts and a coke. Except for the soda, this shouldn't be a problem. We have stuffed carry on luggage to its maximum capacity and I have enough snacks stowed away that should we get lost enroute, we will not starve.

It is a little surprising that I'm sitting hear writing on the computer when normally I'm running around helter skelter, picture Chicken Little, "the sky is falling". Sweetie is checking everything twice. I'm practicing NOT being in control. That said, I do still have shoes to put on, a last trip to the bathroom, the dog to console and cats to treat. So I'm going to sign off.

Today I'm grateful for new vistas.

Stay tuned,
Merry ME


Cinderella said...

Hope all goes smoothly on your trip to Tula Merry:)

Cinderella said...


Fire Byrd said...

Now I have visions of you somewhere in America with no shoes but a cat and dog sitting on each foot, and some lonely pumps back home!