Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 16 - The Wind

[ I know it looks like I'm cheating, but I really did have this post written yesterday, I just forgot to proof and post. Forgeting. The story of my life. me]

"Can you see the holiness in those things you take for granted -
a paved road or a washing machine?
Ir you concentrate on finding what is good in every situation,
you will discover that your life
will suddenly be filled with gratitude,
a feeling that nurtures the soul."
Rabbi Harold Kushner

Today I noticed the wind. 
Not a brisk wind but a gentle breeze that barely ruffled the leaves. 
I first felt it when helping Johnson pour concrete as part of "the best sidewalk that ever was" project. I know nothing about sidewalk making, but he needed an extra pair of hands so I volunteered mine. We are having an uncommonly warm winter. (I'm whispering because I don't want the God for all Seasons to hear and bring on a winter storm with cold air in that will freeze the orchids and baby azalea buds. )Weather like we've had for the past three days is the reason snow birds high tail it to Florida at the first sign of Jack Frost. 

Part of working with concrete is keeping it wet - you don't want it to dry out too fast. So one of my jobs was to do a "fireman's" spray on the already poured spots while Johnson hefted 50 pound sacks of dry concrete, mixed it to the right consistency and prepared it (and his back) for dumping into the form. As I sprayed the wind picked up tiny particles of water and misted my face. Sweet!

After the helper's job was completed I came inside to rest. I sat in my chair with the computer on my lap. With the windows opened I could hear the music coming from the wind chimes my writing group gave me when Dad died.  The kind of music you might hear in a church, or bells being played on a mountain top in Nepal, or a quiet part of a symphony when the conductor points his baton at the triangle man.  I can't hear wind chimes and not think of being at Eagle's Lodge with my parents. Dad hung these big pipe chimes (they kind of clanged, rather than chimed, but it was a pretty clang) right outside the room where I slept. On nights when the window was open, and a storm was brewing or a fall wind rustling through the trees, I fell asleep to the sound. Thoughts of mom and dad seemed to float in today's breeze like the mist and music.

As if I needed another reminder of how majestic the simplest things can be, I watched two birds dip and soar on the air currents way above the trees. Black birds, with large wing spans, appeared to choreograph their own ballet, rising and falling in graceful pirouettes. Ahh, I thought, how cool it would be to let go of all cares and be carried away on the wind.

What about you? Did holiness find its way into your surroundings today?
Merry ME

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AkasaWolfSong said...

I just love that quote by Rabbi Kushner...
I just love wind chimes...I have three different sets...all produce a different sound. One is tiny sounding, a tinkling in the wind, another is a bit deeper and fuller, and the last I feel like I'm in Earth's church! :)
I love that wind chimes bring you thoughts of your parents...perhaps they are letting you know they are nearby and sending you love? I 'know' they are so proud of YOU! :)
On the way to the doctor today I will be able to see the Eagles and Hawks who live along the Sister Rock River and can dream of soaring with them high in the me it's an awesome feeling to think of soaring and riding the thermals, and as you say, so majestic.
Sending prayers on the wings of birds to you today Mary!