Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 4

Today I noticed 2 dogs chasing each other. I was at a stop sign when I caught black fur whizzing around a swimming pool. Now I've seen dogs run before, no big deal, right? I think what made it noticeable was how much fun they were having. First they'd run to the right with Dog A in the lead. Then on some signal I could not detect, they'd switch directions so Dog B would be in the lead. I think if they'd been children there would have been laughing and squealing with delight - playground sounds before someone gets hurt.

I also noticed for just an second, the swirl pattern in a clump of moss on a sidewalk. I tend to walk fast. My normal stride is probably longer than most, and I don't like to dilly dally. It's hard for me to stroll. I took Mary to the doctor today and couldn't park to close to the front door. She sort of shuffles her feet, with her cane out in front of her like a blind person. So when I'm walking hand in hand with her, I have to g-o  r-e-a-l s-l-o-o-o-w.  Perhaps slowing down is a lesson I didn't learn when mom and dad were alive so I'm getting a remedial course in it. By decreasing my speed and keeping my eyes on the uneven sidewalk, I had time to notice the brilliant yellow of the dandelions, and the green swirls of the moss. It looked like a tiny moss labyrinth. Maybe it was meant for fairies who lose their way and end up next to a busy street. Probably they need to slow down as much as I do.

Somewhere between laughing dogs and wayward fairies, I bet there was some magic.

Merry ME

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