Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 3 - A Year of Noticing

Jo over at mrsmediocrity has her own twist on a Year of Noticing. She calls it a Year of Ordinary Magic. I've been thinking about the two and see how similar they are. Can you have a year of magic without noticing the magic all around you?  I may just combine the two and have a year of noticing magic. I guess I'll have to see what evolves.

Last night ABC news did a spot on how easily gas grills can blow up. Something I've always been afraid of, but did not know the extent of. Even if the flame goes out, the propane is still flowing out of the tank, and propane is lighter than air, so it settles in the area under the grill. When (if) you get close to the gas encircled grill with any kind of lighting device, you are apt to blow up the grill and very possibly yourself. FYI: If you notice the flame has gone out, DO NOT try to light it again without turning off the gas, opening the cover and waiting at least five minutes or until you can't smell the gas anymore.

While this is a pretty good public service announcement, the reason I bring it up is that today I noticed how the air in the car between Sweetie and me, felt combustible - not in a good way. If the car had been a grill, then the words inching their way to my lips would be the lighted match. A simple word spoken in anger had the potential to turn my usual good humor from pleasant to explosive.  I chewed on the words for a bit before swallowing them. In the quiet of the car I noticed how easily situations can change. Whoever said to "choose your battles" knew what s/he was talking about. Seriously is there that much difference between endocrinologist and endoscopy? It's an easy mistake to make, right? And so what if I'd said at least 3 times that the appointment was at 2:30, not 2:00? In the big scheme of things between Sweetie and Me, I noticed how golden silence can be. Now there's some magic for you.

I also noticed a tree full of robins as we parked the car. I ask you who can stay irked when there are robins around?

Merry ME

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Deana said...

I absolutely love reading your blog!

I have noticed today (on the bus) how tied the latino culture is. It brought a smile to my face to see the 3 strangers (I state them as strangers bc they all entered the bus at seperate times, and I have only seen 1 of the 3 as a regular rider - maybe they were not strangers but, neither here nor there, they will be stangers in my post) to see their common bond and sharing their culture, and common language. I didn't understand what they were talking about, but the strangers were talking, smiling, and were the only ones out of the extremely crowded bus who were sharing and enjoying each others company.

* Sunny D