Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Getting Old

Today I noticed how quickly my elder friend tired out.
To be honest she looked pooped before we ever left the house.
One dental appointment, and a stop to get a watch battery just about did her in.
We stopped at Popeye's for some fried chicken and I suspect she'll fall into bed and sleep for the rest of the day.
She's losing weight too.
I worry.

I have an arthritic thumb that is giving me fits from cutting and sewing. I knocked it this morning and when I said "ow" Mary told me what her father used to tell her. "Don't cry, Pie. It'll feel so much better when it stops hurting."  A far cry from what my father used to say, "let's cut it off and let it drip in a bucket." Funny how things come back to you when you least expect it.

My father's birthday is coming up. And Mother's Day.  Wish I could take my pillow and blankie and lie down next to their headstone. The National Cemetery is pretty picky about what is left on the graves. I'm not sure, but I bet the rules say no napping.

Today I'm grateful for the cool breeze. No A/C. It could be a long hot summer.
Merry ME


AkasaWolfSong said...

I can empathise with Mary...my friend came to pick me up today and we went to do some errands, stopped for lunch and then one more quick stop and by the time she got me back here and we unloaded my oxygen tanks along with everything else I was worn out too! It was quite warm for me today so that really gets me but I made it! Came in the house and sat in my recliner in the AC for a while and now I'm fixin' to do some laundry. I can only imagine being Mary's age and getting tired out...poor girl! She's lucky she has you! Really!

My Grandpa and Grandma used to say...'Where's the butcher knife? I'll cut that off and then you won't feel a thing!' Sounds like Luther and my Grands went to the same school eh? Crazy!

You know what? I think I'd take a blankie and pillow to your folks' graves if that is what will bring you comfort...who says we can't lay down? I don't think that is in the rule books anywhere. Do what makes you feel good Sister.

Be kind to your arthritic thumb...them suckers come in handy!
Try a little heat therapy for it...should help some.

Okay...gotta scoot...the laundry is calling my name.

I be lovin' ya Miss Merry ME! :)

Mary Rafferty said...

We definitely need to pace ourselves and conserve our energy.

AkasaWolfSong said it well:)


wholly jeanne said...

Take your pillow and blankie and go to the cemetery. I find that a fine idea.