Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tying Up Loose Ends

Jazzymouse is the winner of my quilt giveaway. 
Thanks so much to everyone who participated. 

According to the SWIF Facebook page
 "Mitchell and his dog, Iroquois, won't have to 'live out of a shopping cart' any longer 
thanks to your help.
Mitchell has a place to live now. 
Our friend has his own small one room place to call home."

Back in April I wrote about sending a surprise to someone. Here's the rest of the story.
My friend Terri St. Cloud shared with her followers on FB about her friend Sue who's been really, really sick. The kind of sick that makes you jump at anything that might help, even clinical trials of new medications.  The bad news, she was feeling pretty icky for awhile. So Terri had the idea of picturing Sue full of stars instead of alien germs. People from all over started picturing Sue full of stars. They prayed star-filled prayers, and wished upon stars til the wishes almost outnumbered the stars. The good news is all that medical stuff mixed with all that star stuff and Sue is doing way better. 

My contribution, my surprise, was a star quilt for Sue to wrap up herself up in. My buddy "She of Many Names" joined the surprise by doing the quilting. It was a joint effort by two Cohorts in Cahoots. We sent the quilt to Terri who sent it on to Sue. Boy was she surprised! Here's what she had to say: 

"The quilt is so beautiful. And star-tastic! And love filled. I had a friend here visiting when the UPS man walked up onto my Mama's porch, where we were sitting and crying and talking. He handed the box to me and seeing that I had eyes stained with tears, he said "it's a gorgeous day today----ENJOY IT, ladies!" It made my friend Catherine and me chuckle. He didn't know we'd been crying tears of joy and relief and hope and friendship. The good kinda tears. We were already following his directive, he just didn't know it. I gave him a warm "thanks so much! You too!". Catherine and I giggled and then my friend helped me tear open the box. We didn't bother to get up and go get scissors----nahhhhh----just kept tearing at it with our bare hands together. Opened the box and shared the note from Terri with my friend, to which she replied "how cool! The Internet is such an awesome connector of people---and hearts!" Then we saw the quilt. And my friend held it up for me, so I could see the whole thing in all it's star-shining, love-filled glory. And I just started to sob. Sobs and uncontrolled tears. My heart runneth over once again. To think of the time and energy and forethought and love investment these 2 quilters and my TerBear had made. Well, I'm not sure I'm worthy, but I certainly am so heart-fillingly grateful. I will have it proudly flung over the back of the couch (and on me!) in my den."

But that's not the end of the surprise.  

Last week I came in from visiting my friend Mary and there was this big ole box in my chair ... from Sue. When I opened it, it was my turn to cry.  Did you read that part in her comment, where Sue said, "I'm not sure I'm worthy" well that's what I was feeling. I "noticed" just how easy it is for me to give and how hard it is for me to receive. She of many names said she felt the same way upon getting a similar thank you. Guess what was in the box, a whole host of children's books. I've never met Sue before, but it's like she knew me. Children's books, my all time favorite thing(s). Velveteen Rabbit, Seymour Bleu, The Hole in the Ocean, On the Day You Were Born.  It doesn't get much better than a box full of picture books.

Something magical happens when you reach out a hand to lift someone up. Surprises, I've found, are circular. There's no beginning and no end - like bubbles floating in the wind, or ripples in a pond, or butterfly wings flapping in another part of the world, or the stars shining in the night sky. 

Feeling grateful tonight for surprise blessings,
Merry ME


terri st. cloud said...

this is so cool! and for those who don't know ms. jazzymouse, she's one
of the most giving, generous souls out there! how totally awesome she won!! and yay for the box of books for mary! and totally yay for mitchell!!!!

way cool stuff here!

AkasaWolfSong said...

Miracles come in all shapes and sizes and happen to those who believe in them...

I do believe this all happened to a "Star-Studded" cast! *wink*

Truly Beautiful and a wonderful way to wake up Mary...

Constance said...

What a wonderful lovely kind loving thing you did with that star quilt for Sue! Merry, you are an angel:)


Anonymous said...

There is no end to that giving circle. No end to Love.. and no end to the gratitude I feel for having you as my cohort! XXX

Anonymous said...

Heart so touched Mary and Sorrow---for all your loving kindness. My heart runneth over. Thanks for the powerful love offering in the form of the beautiful quilt. It's startastic, ladies! Thank you for sending stars my way--- in all ways! And for hoping and believing that a miracle could happen for me. The stars worked!.....and it looks like I may end up a Federally Funded Lab Rat Success Story!!! Love to you and the star-senders everywhere. I'm sending 'em back atcha....now and forevermore.