Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Today's Noticings

I noticed today how active Baby Bella has grown in the few day since I last saw her. She kicks her feet, rolls over, grabs shiny objects, makes new noises that sound like a cross between a scream and a laugh, and is beginning to laugh at all my jokes. I think I've fallen in love.

I noticed Panera Tea makes me feel all jittery inside. Goodbye caffeine. Hello decaf.

I noticed I'm kind of weepy. Think there's another layer of onion about to be peeled off and I can't say I'm looking forward to it.

I noticed how awful I felt for smacking the dog. Before you go calling the Humane Society on me, I reacted in self-defense. She saw a cat across the street, took off after it, with my arm at the end of her leash which basically means my shoulder was yanked forward until the rest of my body could catch up which happened to be when Maizey (John's dog) decided she wanted to join the chase and wrapped herself leash around Suzi's leash. There was a moment there when I thought all four of us were going down. So I gave the dog a whack and she looked at me like I was the meanest human in the land, with brown soulful eyes that had no understanding of the relationship between a good chase and a whack.

You're wondering, aren't you, about all that dog training Suzi has been given.  Let's just say the dog has not yet grasped the idea that I am the leader, not she.

I noticed that I'm no longer carrying around anger about something that happened 25 years ago. It is still a powerful memory, but no longer festers.

I'm noticing how tired I am. Think I'll head for bed.
Merry ME

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