Saturday, May 25, 2013

Nose Prints

I was in the far right lane, stopped in a  line of traffic. Couldn't help but notice when I looked at the truck next to me that there was a smiley face on the window.

Not an ordinary smiley face. In fact I wonder if it was meant to be that at all.

You know how when your dog sits in the passenger seat and sticks it's nose on the window for a closer look outside and it leaves little round smudges.  Well, right in the middle of those smudges was the smiley face - two circle (smudges) eyes and a line mouth.  I really don't think a dog could make a smiley face so maybe it wasn't nose prints at all, but little kid pb&j fingers.

Anyway, it caught my eye and made me smile.

I meant to say this yesterday but got carried away writing the world's longest run-on sentence. I've noticed how much I love comments on my blog. Thanks to all you faithful followers and commenters. And thanks to the peepers who come visit. I hope you like what you read and will come back. My blog is kind of like a box of cracker jacks. You never know what the surprise is going to be. Sometimes, I write something sweet or funny or both. Sometimes I just ramble like the title suggests. Anyway, if you visit and comment, I hope you know I appreciate that you took the time.

May you find smiley faces where you'd least expect them.
Merry ME


Anonymous said...

I have a little baggie full of stick smiley faces. I have a tendency to pass them out to children and people who need a smile...
But thats just cause I am silly...

Constance said...

Hello to you on Sunday, dear Merry.

I will always come back to visit:)


nitebyrd said...

Smiles and sunshine to you, too!