Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Scared and Grateful

Whoa! Life got away from me for awhile. Seems like when I'm not going full-tilt, I'm asleep. Probably doing too much of both.

In the past few days I noticed how quickly things can change. I took my friend Mary to her doctor on Monday afternoon for a physical. Then we did ran a few errands and I left her sitting at her table writing a check to her yard man. At midnight I got a call from the ER that she was being admitted to the hospital with a possible hip fracture.

In situations like that my body responds like I've just chugged a double shot of expresso. I noticed a real difference in how fast I wanted to go and how methodical (sane) Sweetie wanted to be. I wanted to speed to the hospital, run red lights and swoop into the Mary's room like only her Angel Girl could. Sweetie wanted to follow all road signs, stop at Mary's son's house, pound on the door and wait for him to answer.  All of which could have been avoided if he'd left his cell phone on.

It became painfully clear to me  today that I do not have the power to work miracles, control situations or save anyone from pain, or themselves. I noticed how upset that makes me. Poor Mary. She's in a lot of pain, had to be drugged into calming down, then couldn't be awakened. Thankfully, she did not break any bones, so her main recovery will be lots of rehab. Only she hasn't eaten or gotten out of bed in two days.  She is one tough lady, but she has to get herself together before she can focus on getting well. Fear, I think, is as harmful as pain.

Sweetie reminded me this afternoon, that in all things gratitude is the key.
So tonight I am grateful that Mary has no broken bones.
I'm grateful that the Divine One has invested in me the ability to help others.
I am grateful for what I can do and what I can give.
I'm grateful for the responses I get.
I'm grateful to have a husband that can talk me down from a window ledge, even if he has no idea what kind of frozen vegetables to buy.
I am grateful for the time Mary and I have shared, and look forward to a new normal.

May you have a grateful heart no matter the circumstances of your life,
Merry ME

PS. I was supposed to draw a name for the quilt today. It's on my list of things to do. So you still have time to donate.


Anonymous said...

You are her Angel Girl - I'll be calling to see how it goes. What would she do without you - be in pain and scared. She may still be both those, but she also knows she is not alone which can be very healing and comforting.ld

Anonymous said...

hey, I'll swap you a taste of asper-gras for a taste of Okra. You first.