Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Helping Others

Today didn't start off so good. My alarm rang, I turned it off and fell promptly back to sleep. An hour later Sweetie woke me up with a reminder that I had writing group. I was deep into one of those creepy dreams that hangs on, and even when you wake up it seems there is still creepy all around.

Since I was late anyway I made a quick stop at the bank before going to my meeting. An older lady,  all in white from her hair to her shoes and I walked through the door at the same time. Then, after our business was completed walked out at the same time.  On the way in I'd kind of noticed her black bag. Mainly I noticed the butterflies on the bag. Going out, I got a better look. Made of nice black leather, worn to a soft touch, the butterflies were appliqued on, and studded with beads and sequins. It really was stunning. What made it even nicer was the fact that the lady bought it at the Goodwill where it was priced at 4 dollars. When she pointed out the zipper was broken, the price was lowered to 2.50. It's hard to know which the woman liked more, the bag or the deal.

"Thanks for asking," said the woman as we parted ways. I noticed, that people like to be talked to. It doesn't have to be long conversation. So many of us hurry through life, our minds racing and our feet moving on to the next "to do " thing on the list.  A simple howdy do, or I like your purse can make people feel "seen." I've noticed it's as nice to be spoken to as it is to speak to someone else.


After our meeting it was pouring down rain. We tried to wait it out, but all of us needed to be somewhere else. Diane went to get her car while Carol pushed Amy's wheelchair to the door. When Diane was out front, there was nothing to do but "go for it." I held the door open, Carol pushed the chair and a nice man with a big umbrella stepped in to help. Standing under the building's eave, while we decided if Amy could transfer from the curb or not, we got pretty well soaked. But the man stayed the whole time trying to keep the water off Amy. I couldn't help but notice how rain can bring out the best in people. Oh sure, there are those who only want to streak into the closest, driest place. But there are also those who don't mind getting wet when they are helping someone else. I like that.

What did you notice?
Merry ME


AkasaWolfSong said...

I just came in from my evening walk. While out, I noticed how soft the light was and how warm the breezes were playing in the play area and their laughter is infectios. It stopped me dead in my tracks and I just stood there and breathed it all in.
I'm noticing I really like my new place and that I feel safe enough to venture out and walk. I too say hello and give a smile as I'm out walking. Not everyone replies, but it makes me feel good.
So...I think I'll just keep on doing it. :)
Your white-haired lady's purse sounds divine...I'd go for something like that.
Rain has never hampered my spirit...I love the rain...walking in it, playing in it, and even dancing in it. I've even prayed for rain and did a rain dance and chant. It worked too!
Have a good night Dear Mary!

Anonymous said...

Today I noticed that talking to people in person, not sitting writing a letter or composing an email, is a BIG step outside my comfort zone.
how about that?