Wednesday, November 12, 2014

DAY 12

After 5 days in the mountains, one of the first things I said when I walked in the back door was something like, "I'm ready to move to the mountains." I didn't notice the delight in Sweetie's eyes, until a day or so later.

"A realtor is coming by at 5 to give us an idea of what the house is worth."

I've been waffling on selling and moving ever since Dad died. Some days I'm ready to stick a hand painted sign in the front yard and sell to the first person that offers me something. Then there are those days when I seriously cannot think of not living here without hyperventilating. The days in between fluctuate between move and not move.

The pros on the move side are pretty straightforward. Downsize. Leave the ghosts for someone else to deal with. Settle down in a place I'll be til the end.

The cons, involve packing/unpacking, deciding where to go, find a new place, getting there, settling in, starting over. I can already feel my breathing starting to speed up.

Decision making has never been my forte. So I followed Sweetie and the Realtors around, listening to what was being said about the house I've called home since 1962. Even when I was married and lived in 10 different places, this is where I called home.  It's a big house. It's a nice house. It's "Old Florida." It's well maintained. It's got a pool in the back yard, a new air conditioner and a mother-in-law suite.
It's got my family tree painted on the dining room wall. The end of the den bookcase has the marks to show how much the children and grandchildren grew from year to year.

As the scent of pine trees fades so does my determination to move to the mountains.  I hate to say it, though, I think it's time to let go of what was, to make room for what's to come.

Anyone want a house in Florida? It's got good bones.
Just asking,
Merry ME

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MamaJoe said...

I hear you! If I didn't work from home, I would say I am ready to move. When I read this, I immediately remember words I had printed from a post from last year. They hang in my office where I can see them.
"The conversation turned to the advantages of "letting go" (not an uncommon theme for me). Whether it's de-cluttering your house, your relationships, or thoughts that no longer serve you, you are making room for something new. Letting go, every action is a prayer. With that thought in mind, I opened up my daily word from Gratefulness, here's what it said. Synchronicity? Coincidence? Or the Divine giving a nod to the journey we've embarked on?"
I'd say Someone is blowing across the embers of change.