Sunday, November 2, 2014

Nablopomo - Day 2 Peek-A-Boo

The wee child I care for has some peculiar likes and dislikes.  She makes her dislikes easily known with a firm "no no." It's just as easy to know what she likes because she repeats it over and over.

Not yet two and she can read her favorite books -  Ladybug Girl Loves, London, Ernie Exercises to name just a few. Of course, not the words so much as the pictures. We all know that pictures are worth a bunch of words that interfere with a good story.

The Alphabet Song, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Twinkle Twinkle, Itsy Bitsy Spider have been Bella's favorite songs almost since she was born. Recently she's added 3 Little Kittens and 5 Little Monkeys to the repertoire. Seriously, hearing "mama called the doctor and the doctor said, no more monkey's jumping on the bed" coming from this little person sends smile shivers all over me.

Bella also likes to dance. When she was little I held her in my arms and we danced together while Dean Martin crooned what I call the Bella song - Bella Bimba.  We've advanced to the Pookie Dance and the Hokey Pokey. Neither one of us are too good at standing on one foot while we shake one of our legs "all about." But we've got the "hokey pokey" and "turn yourself about" thing down pat. As I'm sometimes apt to do, I let my mind wander through the years and picture this sweet girl all dressed up in satin and lace. After dancing with her husband, she'll sweep across the floor in her father's arms while Dino sings an Italian song at and Indian affair. Then the band will strike up the opening chords, and Bella and I will lead the whole crowd in the Hokey Pokey.

Back to the present … Bella likes to play her own version of peek-a-boo. First she gets her pink striped blanket, then her red purse, and then her stuffed puppy dog. If she's playing by herself, the blanket goes over her head and she sits in perfect repose with the dog on her lap. If I, MeMe, is playing, she adds a teddy bear and her mama's larger furry blanket. I must sit with teddy on my lap, then Bella sits, with purse and dog. I await her cue before I throw the dark blanket over both of us blocking any light.

It's hard to take a selfie while under a blanket.
Last week a new element was added - the laundry basket. Tipping it on its side, she crawled in, with the purse held in place at the crook of her elbow and the dog under her arm. Once settled, she instructed me to grab the bear and throw the blanket over the basket.  I admit, I don't know what we're supposed to do under there, and it often gets kind of warm, but there we sit, until Bella decides it's time to get up.

I wonder sometimes if Bella isn't on to something. How many times a day do you feel like shutting out the noise of the world? Political pundits bashing one another? Frightful news reports about Ebola? Wars that don't end? School shootings? Don't you sometimes wish for a quiet place to rest and regroup even for a few minutes. Maybe since Bella is only two years away from the womb, she can still conjur up the rhythmic beating of her mom's heart in the womb. Could that be the peacefulness she seeks when she is under the blanket? Maybe she's old beyond her years and knows that the way out of darkness is through it, that her game isn't so much about being in the dark as it is throwing off the blanket and coming back into the light.

As I prepare for a week's retreat in the Georgia mountains with my writing buds, I'm going to take a few notes from Bella's playbook. I'll read some, dance a little (under the moon and stars), and make a special point of playing peek-a-boo under the covers at least once a day. I think there is much to be learned from a 2 year old.

My wish for you this day is some time to sing, some time to dance, and some time to rest.
Merry ME

P.S. “I wonder what Piglet is doing," thought Pooh. "I wish I were there to be doing it, too.”
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Anonymous said...

Merry ME, Hi. This afternoon I Googled the name Maurice Hall to get his phone number. I came across your blog from 2012 telling of your chance meeting with this wonderful man. Thank you for conveying so beautifully the person he is. Maurice & Marie Hall were names always used in my home when I was growing up. Mom & Dad moved to France with the Air Force after marrying in 1954. Maurice Hall was the minister and he baptized my mother into Christ. They always remained personal friends and I would say my father respected Bro. Maurice more than anyone else. You didn't get to meet Marie. I am a minister's wife and she is the lady I would love to be like. She was sweet and calm and always a wonderful compliment to him. I told my mom of your article and she became emotional. I will close with my very favorite Tale on Maurice Hall. My parents accompanied he & Marie to Monaco to pick up the son they adopted. It was on the day that Princess Grace went there to marry Prince Rainier. As their carriage rode by, Maurice stepped out of the crowd and shouted "Hi, Gracie" Years later, in the 1970's Barbara Walters interviewed the Prince & Princess. She asked the if their different cultures had ever caused the problems. Princess Grace replied, "Oh, yes. From the first day. A man yelled "Hi, Gracie, and Prince Rainier wouldn't believe I didn't know him." Yes, Maurice Hall has touched many lives - even Grace Kelly's! Julie -

MamaJoe said...

We must be on the same wave length....I took time today to dance and (wait for it) Holy Hannah I took a nap! That was even before your words encouraged me to do so! I hope your retreat with your women peeps fills every crack and crevice with living encouragement!
Thanks for the shout out to write now!