Wednesday, November 5, 2014

NaBloPoMo - Day 5

The sky is grey this morning. The mountains covered in shadows. It looks cold. I'm on the couch again. With a push of a button the fire whooshed to life. I can smell gas instead of logs burning. There is no crackle or pop. It looks pretty, but I think I prefer the real thing.

Hmm, smelling gas is not a good thing, is it?
After some chatting with Carol and noticing half a dozen wasps in the tip top window I've moved into the living room where real fire sizzles. Ahhh, that's what I wanted.

Some of the ladies have headed out to town looking for gourds. A few of us are working on our Popcorn challenges for the day. My mind wanders from one thought to another. I  can't focus. Not sure what's up.

You know what? This is my play day. I'm giving myself permission to shut the computer, grab my book, throw a blanket over my head and play peekaboo.

Later …
Seriously folks, even F. Scott Fitzgerald could not recreate what has transpired today.  Suffice it to say when creative women, good food, tequila and story telling are mixed together you will laugh until your sides hurt.

What happens in Blue Ridge … stays in Blue Ridge but here are a few highlights:
  • Play exercise consisting of marshmallow and toothpick creations
  • Our fearless leader rescuing a kitten from the woods half an hour before the plumber informed us there was a bear in the driveway heading for the exact spot said leader and kitten had been
  • Pumpkin cheesecake
  • Drinking game 
  • Tales from a Mexican vacation told by the best storytellers ever.
Going to bed feeling warm and fuzzy and grateful,
Merry ME


Molly said...

I love Blue Ridge, GA. If you go back through town on your way out, you should all stop and take a group shot at the mirror building. Or go see the chickens that live across the train tracks (i've only been once so my orientation isn't that great). But it's beautiful up there. Or get a bag of apples to take home and turn into cake or applesauce :) Love your posts this week!

MamaJoe said...

That's hilarious. I'm glad no one lunch and that you got a real fire place. Per my post from the other day...real fires feed my soul. I hope yours continues to get fed this week.